Shaming a Grieving Family

Once again- BSL advocates harassing and demanding that a grieving family bow to their twisted demands.

Lovely, the little lad deserves to be remembered by those who loved him BUTTTT….” – Funny how BSL advocates complain if anyone uses that exact word…. But I guess that doesn’t apply to anyone outside their twisted cult.  

Isn’t that sweet of these BSL advocates? Harassing a grieving family?

  Why do these people think they deserve a single thought from this family? Honestly Gail, we know you don’t care about “abother” child much less this child.

Has James been visiting the psychic gerbil again? I mean- no one has said these dogs were pit bulls but we know that’s what it’s really about- it’s not about respecting this grieving family or honoring this child’s memory. It’s about being depraved vultures with a single mission.

Wow- calling a grieving family frauds? 

Riiiiiiiiight- thumbs up on the victims advocacy BSL advocates. Can you stoop any lower?

Ah yes- complaining that someone won’t support her and obviously shouldn’t even have any other animal is she can’t even afford the necessities.

Keep it classy BSL Advocates.

Hearts Torn Asunder


Ray- thank you.

Originally posted on Ray the Vicktory Dog:

10675804_762358487145857_1212574395730090606_n Ray and his dad …so much love

It is with the deepest sorrow that I have to report that our beautiful, loving boy crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night somewhere around 11:00 p.m.  His doctor called, and I knew when I saw the number what had happened. Apparently Ray threw a blood clot, and it killed him very quickly.  My only consolation, since I was unable to say goodbye, was that he passed in the arms of a vet tech, baptized by her kisses and tears.  Ray was a very loved dog.

I never, ever felt as if Ray were just our dog.  From the very beginning he showed that he was more than just a pet.  It was as if he felt he had a mission to meet and touch as many people as he could.  When we would be having lunch on the deck he would watch intently…

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Thank You Ray ❤️

It didn’t just rain last night- it poured and if anyone who knows what it’s like in Phoenix in May then you know just how irregular that is, but as my daughter likes to explain it is that sometimes the earth is just sad and she couldn’t be any more right.

People that don’t understand pit bulls will never know just how inspiring these dogs are. Ray the Vicktory dog passed away and because of him- the world is a little bit sadder that he’s gone but it’s a brighter and better place because he was here.

 I remember pulling my dog out of a cat crate, filthy, stinky, shaking and scared- I remember trying to control my anger and resisting the urge to throat punch the assholes that had done this to him. A back yard breeding gone wrong- the little black puppy wasn’t up to par and they were ready to just throw him out like he was trash.

 3 years later, that big eared black dog is the best dog a family could ask for and when I look at him, I see part of Ray’s unrelenting spirit inside him. 


I never met Ray, but that doesn’t mean I can’t honor his memory and keep fighting for his spirit that is woven in the souls of millions of pit bulls like mine. 

Ray made a difference when he was alive and the impact he made was enormous but he’s not done yet- he will continue to change minds and hearts even though he’s not physically here.

Thank you Ray. Scrappy & my Family thank you for everything you’ve done. Millions of families thank you for showing the world just how amazing pit bulls are.


Can’t Fix Stupid

People amaze me. Yet, the stupidity that seems to flow off certain people amaze me even more.  

Suzette had a pit bull. 

See Suzette’s well taken care of non “viscous” pit bull attacked a dog out of nowhere.

See Suzette do nothing about it.

See Suzette’s sweet gentle pit bull who just attacked another dog bite her son.

See Suzette still do nothing about it.

See Suzette surprised when her non “viscous”, well taken care of, sweet gentle pit bull attacks yet another dog.

Honestly, Suzette probably wouldn’t even be able to figure out if her dog was having issues during those 4 years- especially considering she ignores the escalating rise in aggression in her dog.

The only mental defect I see, and I’m sure millions of others see is that Suzette kept a dog that bit her child. So yes Suzette Teich Donnelly- it is your fault that you didn’t take care of your dog’s escalating aggression. It’s your fault for not being attentive and letting your dog bite your son and it’s absolutely your fault that you still kept a dangerous dog with obvious aggression issues the chance to attack another dog.

Now hold still so millions of people can cyber smack the stupidity right out of you.

The Everything You Need to Know about Domesticating the Land Shark Handbook

Mutanious Bullshittiness Lando Sharkness other wise known as the Mutant Land Shark or the following commonly used name the Pit Bull.

According to BSL scientists and non- genetic experts, the Land Shark is a man made purpose bred killing machine. Land Shark breeders have expertly crosses Great Whites with partial T-Rex DNA and infused this unholy combo with the terrier breed.

This back yard genetically engineered purporse bred BEAST have one purpose and one purpose only:

To stalk and hunt you down while endangering lives driving Ford Pintos illegally & underinsured.

 Are you one of the nutters attempting to domesticate and bring these toxic gas passing creatures into your homes? To lurk around your children? Share treats with grandma? If so, by law I’m required to inform you that you have a 829% chance of survival. 

Now, I know the odds are stalked against you but after minutes of scouring archives I have come up with some vital life saving information.



Massive steel cages with a one way entrance to keep the crafty land shark from picking the lock and escaping. Be careful though- land sharks are known to fly, poof into thin air, pick locks, open doors and shrink to tiny ant sizes to escape. 

Feeding the Beast  
Land Sharks can be picky eaters, but according to land shark experts they tend to pass over the tasty human flesh for cat poop, rocks and sticks.

Weapons of Distraction:


Chose wisely. Depending on the size of approaching Land Shark, the correct treat size is essential.

French fries- a classic yet effective WOD, these golden life savers can be tossed from a distance giving you the opportunity to lick the salt off your fingers as you run.

Just squeeze and throw, repeat if necessary- which usually is.

If you leave the house unarmed- just try to remember these three tips:

Stay safe & stay prepared and don’t be caught with your pants down.


Spam by any other name is still Spam

Sorry Borchardt- nobody is trying to censor your usual bullsh@t,  but if they are- Pame is on the case!

  Ladies and Gentlemen, please excuse Pame- she’s twacked out on craziness. This is exactly the reason why these people needed to strapped in straight jackets and thrown in a padded cell in Hell. 

Although I do agree with one thing- my dog’s gas could be considered a WOMD. Bottle those fumes up and throw it in Pames house- probably knock the bat sh@t craziness right out of her.

Monday’s WTF Moment

Ladies & Gentlemen, today’s WTF moment is brought to you by your local BSL advocate and the letter I for ignorance.

Blah blah blah KILL ALL PIT BULLS blah blah blah Penis and testicles blah blah blah it’s Oboma fault blah blah ‘Merica blah blah blah you ain’t my momma blah….