Circling Sharks

The family of a 7-year-old boy is grieving after he was attacked and killed by multiple dogs at a home in the Canyon Lake area on Saturday evening.

Smith said although the dogs were unspecified breeds, none of them were pit bulls.

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Heartbreaking but the DBO sharks are circling the waters. 

A 7-year old boy died and all of these “victims advocates” more concerned with trying to prove the dogs are pit bulls- even though the story says they are not. Not a care about the grieving family…

Yet again- not a story about pit bulls but a family losing their 7 year old child yet DBO/BSL advocates can’t help themselves.

I’m amused by their arrogance- they demand to stick their nose into this families tragedy. Why? So they could terrorize this family.  


Let me guess- Borchardt feels he can be the unbiased 3rd party? Yeah, right. You would think as a victims advocacy their first step would be compassion and respect- but nope. That’s not how BSL/DBO victims advocacy works. If they can’t somehow spin these dogs into pit bulls this family won’t even matter to them.

And trust me- they are trying everything to turn this tragedy into a pit bull issue- in their desperation they are already trying to get people to call it a pit bull attack.

Like sharks circling their prey- the stalking has began.


  Although- they should be careful when stalking this family, the people in blue don’t take kindly to extremist stalking their own.  

12 thoughts on “Circling Sharks

  1. Good god!! What a parasitical bunch of vermin!!! Did they ever even once consider that maybe it was announced immediately that the dogs weren’t pit bulls because they in fact weren’t and whomever made the statement was trying to keep these morons from getting their panties all in a twist and newspapers from making false reports that would get repeated and believed. I’ve never seen such a bunch of illogical hate in my life.

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  2. I’m sorry bogart. Despite what you and your fellow nut job culties want to believe, breed is the last thing that matters in a dog attack. Circumstance matters. What led up to the attack matters. The health, socialization and training the dogs had or did not have matters. Previous bite histories matter. The fact that you can’t or won’t see that is EXACTLY why the dogsbite and BSL agenda is failing miserably. Everyone with half a brain knows that a dogs breed is irrelevant. Oh and you are a horrible “victims advocate” as are the rest of your cultie freaks. You care so little about safety that your kind rubs elbows with convicted felons, child killers, drug addicts and general nut cases and you have no problem sharing children and other innocent people with these psychos. Yes… Some victims advocacy…..

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  3. Unbelievable! Not one condolence out of these sick people for the boy or family! They have hit an all time low with this family. Not only are they grieving their son, they are being completely violated by these people creeping their FB (maybe their photos were already private), not that it’s ANY of their business. To go so far as to go to tax websites, etc, to get their address??? What the hell is wrong with them??? Someone should notify a family friend to deal with this total invasion of their privacy, when they need privacy and loving support the most. Commenting with a big smiley emoticon?? There is nothing to smile about. This is sick! Really disturbing!

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