Hello!! Thank you to all of you that have been asking about these. I almost almost didn’t put them up! It has been so wonderful to hear that some of you do these religiously every year with your children and that you look forward to them! 

My kiddos and I do these every year and it has been such a joy to be able to go through past years pages and see how they’ve grown and changed. Of course this year Owen is a little young but we still completed a handprint page for him (can never get enough of his chubby baby handprints!!) and we’ll fill out the My Christmas page too with answers that I think are what he’d tell me if he could. I keep them in their scrapbooks along with photos and other things like certificates from school and special drawings they have done, they really make a lovely snapshot keepsake of Christmastime.

They’re designed so you can pick and choose how you want to do them. This year we did paint for our Christmas tree pages but for other years we have used stickers and also glue and tissue paper! 


My favourite favourite of all has to be the “My Family” page. I just absolutely LOVE what they draw here and I especially love to compare the years gone by. It’s not only gorgeous to see how our family has grown but also how different we look from year to year as the way they draw changes.


The “My Handprint” page is a favourite too, though I noticed this year that Noah’s handprint covers up the Santa a bit – he has grown a lot!! We did the same for these as we did last year, with a quick hand trace on brown paper, little black eyes and a glittery red nose!



There are of course all the other pages too, we just haven’t done them yet.
I really hope that you enjoy doing these with your kidlets, whether this is your 4th year like it is for us, or your first!

Download the full set of My Christmas Keepsake Printables from here!

It’s very nearly Christmas!! Are you ready??



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