givegood_titleThis post is brought to you in collaboration with UNICEF

Growing up in Asia opened my eyes to a world that seems so far away from life here in Australia. On our daily drive to school it was not unusual to see people begging in the streets, or to see children selling what ever they could to earn a little money for some food. For many families, schooling and health care are financially out of reach and so their children never get the opportunity to better their life through education and families would suffer immensely without the ability to gain access to proper medical care. We are truly lucky in Australia and want for my children to know that. I never want my children to feel guilty for what we have, but I want them to grow up with compassion and feeling of responsibility for helping others, and to know that they can always make a difference.

give goodOne of the ways we choose to teach our kids that they can make a difference is through trusted charity organisations like UNICEF that work all over the world, where people need it most. UNICEF works in the field, right where they are needed, delivering health and medical care, food, education, clean water and emergency aid. They work in over 190 countries to bring governance and policies to help enforce the rights of children to be safe and have access to education, and live lives that are free from abuse. 

At our home, we have a special tin that we put coins in over the course of the year. It’s great for kids to see how small change like 5 and 10 cent coins can make a difference. It all adds up and when we break the tin open at the end of the year that money goes towards our chosen charity.

This Christmas we are Giving Good with UNICEF’s Inspired Gifts and I would love for you to consider these life changing gifts for some of your own friends and family. This is how it works;
Choosing a gift is easy, head over to UNICEF to see what is available. You could change a lot of lives with the gift of nutritional health supplements, or polio vaccines, water purification tablets, mosquito nets, pencils and so much more. 


UNICEF Inspired Gifts really, truly mean something and make a difference to children who need it most. Your recipient receives a card outlining what you have sent to the field on their behalf and explains how this amazing gift is helping children and their communities. 



We try to teach our kids about charity and helping others early on in life. When they’re little they’re so open and loving and giving, and getting them to help choose your Inspired Gift really gets them in on the action and is a great start to instilling compassion and kindness for others. Christmas is such an exciting time, especially for our little ones, so why not get them to help you Give Good this year! 


Now I’m really excited about this as I have four UNICEF Inspired Gifts to give away to you, and on your behalf, those gifts will be given to children who need these life saving resources, health supplements and educational tools. Pretty awesome! 

I have
– 120 sachets of Therapeutic Food
– 6 Footballs
– 3 Story Books
– 500 Pencils

All you have to do is tell me how you plan to Give Good this Christmas!!! Maybe get the kids involved and ask them for some ideas on how you could #givegood!
We will choose our 4 favourite responses and you will receive a gift card outlining how your gift has helped those children in need. 

Image credit: UNICEF/DRCA2011-00205/Asselin
Open now and ends Midnight WST 18 December 2014.