It’s no secret that I LOVE Christmas, and for us, it’s a whole month of Christmas fun. Many of you have been asking me about what we’ve been up to, so I thought I’d share a weekly recap!
What a week! I can’t believe the first week of December has been and gone already! It was a super crazy busy one for us, with Nativity plays and Christmas parties, a couple of appointments, assemblies at school, birthday parties and a fun morning at the movies. 

Our cute little elf Peppermint was pretty easy going for his first week back. I think he is just easing into being back at our place and he hasn’t been too mischievous or messy. He arrived with a note, telling the kids they have been so awesome this year and that he is super excited to be back at our house for some Christmas fun! He hung around from the ceiling which was funny, had a little sleep in Chloe’s bed and also watched a movie with some popcorn! You can read our past posts on how we elf on the shelf here and here. Also you can make your own Elf Mail letter using the template and tutorial I shared last week here

He also decided he missed having snowmen friends around so built some of his own. And he pimped up this sleigh with some k’nex including some pretty awesome looking wheels and gave the Reindeer a break for the night! peppermint_wk1_2

We started December with some new books and that night our advent activity was of course, to read them! Each year we give our kids a new book and we write a little dedication inside, it’s pretty much one of my favourite Christmas traditions. I wrote more about it here. I will be honest and also tell you our tree was up before it was December.
I also transformed our writing workshop into a Christmas Corner for the kids to enjoy. I just popped their Christmas card writing station here, along with some Christmas themed toys, a bucket of dress up costumes, their nativity and some other little Christmas goodies here and we are using the magnetic board to house their Santa beard advent calendar and kindness journals as it’s nice to have it all in one spot.
These oreo truffle Christmas puddings are super easy, especially if you have been avoiding dipping oreo pops in melted chocolate! We brought a batch of these to Chloe’s class Christmas.
We also brought these super cute Christmas tree shaped watermelon slices! These are definitely the best and easiest Christmassy treats out there! Thank you Pinterest!! 

We wrote to Santa {and he also sent the kids videos through his PNP after receiving their letters- every year his video message to the kids puts a huge smile on their face!}

The basket of wrapping supplies I did up for Chloe is proving to be a HUGE hit. She loves to wrap but I didn’t want her to waste roll after roll of paper so I pulled out some of our fabric napkins {tea towels would work too!} and cut some ribbon for her to wrap to her hearts content! She wraps toys and empty boxes and places them under the tree. 


We also did some simple ‘craft’ this morning. It’s been a busy week and we did lots of cards and little gifts for our classmates during craft time this week so these were just the perfect easy activity to round off our week! These printable snowman and gingerbread templates are especially awesome when laminated and then used with playdough or dry erase crayons!

This past week we’ve also started our Acts of Christmas Kindness though we didn’t get through many as it was a crazy week. We did donate food and managed to prep for our Kindness Acts for this coming week. We will be bringing a treat to our school cross walk guard, donating some goodie packs to a domestic violence shelter, bringing cookies to our doctor, surprising our neighbour with a treat, buying a coffee voucher and cleaning up our street this week!
Chloe has finished school for the year and Noah has got a few more days and then we are free! hooray!!

Don’t forget to enter the awesome giveaways I have up on the blog already! And stay tuned for two more amazing ones to come this week.

How was your first week of December? It’s really flying by isn’t it?!