Yay! I am so happy to finally be able to share these with you! I have been having computer dramas, having to shut down and restart my laptop 50,000 times a day to get anything done meant zip zero nada blogging / photo editing / printable finalising so now that my laptop is working properly again we are good to go!

I am so excited about these Acts of Christmas Kindness cards and accompanying printable journal and I hope with all my heart that you love them too!

This Christmas I wanted to put more of a focus on Acts of Kindness. We have been working on a little kindness project through the year, but the last few months we have let it slip. So now approaching the holiday season, I wanted the kids to have a little more of a think about how we can not only do little things that could help other people, but also how we could just put a smile on someone’s face – because let’s face it, the world could really do with a little more of that! 

acts_of_christmas_kindess_5Originally, I was going to make up 12 cards and call this ’12 Acts of Christmas Kindness’ but it dawned on me that putting a number on it might make it all a little daunting – it’s a busy time of year for sure, and not everyone is going to feel ready to commit to 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness. The last thing we need at this time of year is more pressure and stress, I totally know that. But I think it’s possible to make time for even just one act of Christmas Kindness. It doesn’t really matter how many you do, what matters is that you do them with a full heart.

acts_of_christmas_kindess_6I designed these cards to stand out if using them in conjunction with my Advent Activity cards – {seen in the above photo, top right hand corner and available for download here}. The Christmas Kindness cards feature the same image through-out to really distinguish them from the other activities. Of course they can also be used on their own.

We sat down with the kids and asked them what Acts of Kindness we could do, and after much discussion in our household, we came up with this list of 15. There were plenty more that could have gone on here, but we tried to keep them quite achievable and fairly broad so they could apply to more than just our family. There are some specific ones though, like leaving Reindeer food packs at the park – that’s from Chloe, and she really really wants to do that!
There are also some ‘common’ ones, some that are even repeats of a couple of the Advent Activity cards, simply because they’re fun and very Christmassy, like leaving a gift under the wishing tree. 
And then there are some like ‘bring a treat to the school cross walk guard’ that we thought would be nice. Our cross walk guards are super friendly, but we so often see them helping people cross the road without so much as a thank you from them, so we thought a little Christmas treat would help to make them feel appreciated for all they do!
There are 15 printed cards and some blank ones, so you can add your own acts of Christmas Kindness to your list.


acts_of_christmas_kindess_3The idea behind the little printable journal was so bigger kids could remember the details and reflect on how the act of kindness made them feel.
My hope was that the journal could also serve as a beautiful keepsake. Just print out the pages and the cover and put your little journal together. I left a spot up the top for the kids to write their own names, and a spot down the bottom for the year.



Download the Acts of Christmas Kindness Card set here
Download the Acts of Christmas Kindness Journal here

I’ll be sharing the details of some of our acts of Christmas Kindness through December on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ALD_ActsofChristmasKindness {feel free to use that hash tag too because I would super super love to see what you get up to with these Christmas Kindness cards!!!}
I’m so excited and so are my kiddos, we’re ready to start spreading some true Christmas spirit!



Magic is something you make, and I seriously believe this will be magical for your family this Christmas! I hope you’ll join us. xxxx!



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