The ever beautiful Tessa from Down That Little Lane nominated me for the Liebster Award and gave me these 10 questions to answer after answering 10 of her own. If you don’t yet know Tessa and Down That  Little Lane, you absolutely must, right now, head on over and get acquainted! You will thank me later!!
If you were given an extra hour in the day to do what you wanted with what would you do?
Oh that’s easy! Sleep! ha. It’s now been over a year since I’ve slept longer that 5 hours in a row, and our nightly usual is 3 hours straight, and I am EXHAUSTED beyond belief! I actually don’t often leave my suburb because I am too scared to drive very far. So if I had an extra hour in my day, and my sweet little man let me, I’d sleep it away without guilt!
Have you changed much in the last 5 years and if so how and why?
A lot has changed for me in 5 years. 5 years ago we moved into our new house we had just finished building and I had only had one baby. Mix into that some big life changes and two new bubs added to our family and you can bet I have changed a lot! I am a more confident mother but I still worry everyday that I’m not doing the best job. I also feel like I have done a lot of growing and maturing in the last 5 years, there’s been soul searching and character building thrown in that’s for sure!
What is the best thing you have ever bought ?
It would be a tie between my thermomix and my dyson handheld. I know, they’re both swanky gadgets, but seriously they make my everyday that much easier! I used to hand grate all our veggies to mix in with bolognese, lasagne, taco mince, sherpheds pie and so much more, not just because I had the fussiest eater on the planet, but also for added nutrition and to bulk out our meals and make them go further. It was such a chore, but now Rosie the Thermomix does that all for me in literally 5 seconds. Can’t beat that!
And the Dyson (I haven’t named him yet, would probably make me seem like a freak if I did!) makes cleaning up the constant messes super easy! And it has also meant the kids can help clean up their own messes much more easily – you know like when they take their shoes off inside even though the house rule is to take them off outside, and then all this sand miraculously appears on the floor where they took said shoes off? Yep, clean it up, kids!
What is your favourite animal and why?
I would have to say a cat, but really only my Sammy Cat, who was the most loyal friend I could have asked for while I was growing up. He sadly passed away a few years ago, but he was truly amazing and helped get me through some pretty rough times. But I don’t super love cats in general. 
If you could start your career all over again would you change it?
I don’t technically have a career – yet. I have been lucky to have worked in jobs that I have LOVED though. I am nearly finished with my Bachelors degree in Internet Media and Communication. {yay!!! perpetual uni student no more, after 2015 anyway – unless I study something else!}. 
I did start uni studying primary education and I kind of wish now that I had stuck with it, I think at 18 I was so unsure and had zero confidence in my ability to be a teacher, but now I think that maybe I could be a fairly good one, or at the very least I would have super loved having all that teachery knowledge to help with raising my own kids!
Do you have a mantra/affirmation/saying? What is it or what are they?
I try really hard to live by the saying “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. I think it is so important to remember that kindness goes a very long way and that we never really know the true journey someone has been on before that certain place and time.
I also love “magic is something you make” which is why I’ve used it here on a little delightful as the tagline because I feel it sums up what I want to make for my children, a magical and wonderful childhood that they can look back on with fondness and full hearts when they’re older. 
Which restaurant would you most like to dine at โ€“ anywhere in the world?
Hmm, I think I’d have to say Serendipity 3 in NYC. Just because I loved the movie Serendipity and who doesn’t want to try their famous frozen hot chocolate??!
Name one luxury item you would love to own?
I feel like I already own them! As above, my thermomix and dyson haha!! I super love them!
Flowers for life or Chocolate?
Flowers all the way. White ones.
What 4 words would your best mate use to describe you?
Can I tell you something? I’m pretty insecure, and am not a very confident person. AT ALL. I thought it would be interesting to guess what 4 words my beautiful best friend and my lovely husband would use to describe me so here goes:
Bestie: Stubborn, Caring, Shy, Thoughtful
Husband: Stubborn, Loyal, Honest, Anxious
Clearly I think I’m a pretty stubborn person! But I also know I am PAINFULLY shy, and that it takes me a very long time to open up and let people in, but that I am fiercely loyal once that true relationship is there. 
So what did they come up with? 
Well my bestie couldn’t decide on 4 and sent me: Compassionate, Generous, Loyal, Sincere, Brave, Loving, Reserved, Intuitive
and my hubby wrote: Loyal, Generous, Kind, Loving
and then my head exploded. Haha!
No really, isn’t it funny how so many of us really don’t think very much of ourselves and how we too easily focus on the negatives and the parts of our character that we might not like so much. And that really, people can and do think of such beautiful words to describe you in spite of all those character flaws you feel you have.
Thank you Tessa for the nomination! I’ve so enjoyed your questions and the opportunity to come on here and write something since I’ve had severe lack of blogging mojo lately!! Just what the doctor ordered!!
I’m supposed to ask 10 other bloggers to answer 10 of my own questions but I thought it would be fun to {hopefully} hear from some of my lovely readers!! I would love to hear what restaurant in the world you’d love to go to or what luxury item you’d love to own or what you’d do with an extra hour in your day!!? Pick any of the above questions that Tessa asked me and comment away! xx