If you have a thermomix and the old EDC then perhaps like I was you might be curious about the new version of the Everyday Cookbook.

I needed a new spatula and when having a browse of the thermomix online store I noticed the new EDC was on special (until the end of March 2014 I believe) if you trade in / recycle your old book, so before I recycle mine I thought I’d share some of the differences I noticed and liked about the two versions. 

Firstly, it’s bigger. I like the new size. 

It is also properly bound and as you can see, my old everyday cookbook hasn’t fared too well with the binding, so I’m liking this feature too.

I also think it’s great that the new EDC now states at the top of all recipes the Prep Time and Total Time for a recipe and the number of serves. One of the things that annoyed me with the old EDC is when you’re a flustered mum during that late afternoon “omg I need to get dinner started and I forgot to organise anything earlier and what could I cook” and you look through the EDC for ideas you would have to add up all the times in the method to get an idea of how long the recipe would take. Not a huge deal, but it certainly is a welcome feature in the new cookbook to me.

Also up the top of each recipe where it would normally just tell you what ‘features’ of the thermomix that recipe uses {ie the basket or varoma or butterfly} there is also an indication of if the recipe is gluten free or vegetarian.

The new EDC also now features nutritional values per serve which is useful if you’re keeping an eye on calories or carbohydrate intake etc.

The layout of the book is much nicer, here’s a comparison of one of our most used recipes! 

It’s also easier to find recipes you’re looking for as the categories are more organised and index has improved greatly. I found the index in the old EDC frustratingly annoying and often things weren’t listed where you think they should be and I’m happy to see the new index is much more user friendly.

As for what’s new in terms of recipes- there are a few new ones like CADA, bircher muesli, caramelised balsamic reduction, bearnaise, rosemary and eschalot gravy, honey soy + mustard marinade, cream cheese frosting, royal icing, how to poach eggs, lamingtons, herb and garlic pull apart and a few more! 

The babies and toddlers section has also been added to with a few different recipes but it’s still not extensive. 

Overall I’m quite happy with it, I am glad I found it on special (for $25) though as it really is just an upgrade and of course not a whole new book so my old EDC would have had to have been completely well and truly unusable for me to be satisfied with paying the full price of $40.



This isn’t a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with Thermomix in any way – just sharing for those interested. 🙂