Hi everyone! 

I am working through some of the questions I get asked most and this one pops up all the time – how do I deal with / sort / keep all the school papers and newsletters from school… so I am sharing my little system here.

I don’t share stuff like this all the time simply because I am often looking for a ‘better way’ and never want to share something with you under the guise of ‘it works!’ when it doesn’t really or if I’ve only just set it up or have only been using that particular system for a week. But this is what I have been doing for a couple of years now and it does work for me and I have found no need (yet) to change it.

Letters come home and my kids hand them straight to me or put them on the dining table (we used to put them in a tub but I found I didn’t look at them then! – out of sight out of mind and all that).
School newsletters are emailed to us thankfully!

As soon as physically possible (like right then and there if I can) I put any important dates from the letters (ie, special days at school where they have to wear something in particular or bring something in or I need to be at an event etc) into my diary with any other relevant info and then that note is no longer required and it goes straight to the recycling bin. 
If it’s an excursion or permission form then I fill it in straight away and try to have it in their bags to be returned before they’ve even packed away their homework and again all important dates are marked in my diary. 

The trick for me here is if I action it straight away then it doesn’t have the time to sit around and get forgotten (because I WILL forget it!!) 

Anything that needs to be kept (ie school fee receipts and info handouts etc) are placed in each child’s specific ‘school folder’.

These are our school folders. They are thin and not bulky plastic pocket files with 5 tabs (from Kikki.K) and I love them! 

There’s a pocket for the cover page so I have printed the kids a cover for their folder each.

I have then labeled the tabs with these categories :

Class List
Fees & Receipts
To File

Notes: this tab is for any info handouts or little newsletters that are sent home that I think should be kept for future reference. I don’t keep all of them, many get recycled straight after any important dates etc are written in my diary. 

Class List: when Noah was younger we had class lists of each child and their parents contact number to arrange play dates and such but now I find this tab not used as often. I will now often use it to store birthday party invites after writing the date in my diary.

Fees & Receipts: I keep all fee notices and receipts just to keep an eye on everything. I also keep uniform receipts etc in here just in case we need them. 

Extracurricular: In this tab I keep any info that we need to keep about any of their other activities just so it’s super convenient to find. 

To File: This tab keeps anything I want to specifically file away for long term keeping or for memorabilia purposes. 

I find doing this doesn’t take me more than a couple of minutes each afternoon and then the papers are sorted. 

I keep the school files on my desk so they’re always easy to get to. 

I really need a simple and uncomplicated system and this really meets those requirements to me!
After each term I go through the folders and recycle anything that is no longer relevant.

I also use these 5 tabbed folders for household bills and I have another for medical stuff like reciepts that have yet to be claimed as well as a folder for prescriptions so they don’t get lost.

How do you deal with the constant influx of school papers at your house?