A while ago I created these number flash cards for Chloe as she was obsessed with numbers and counting. Apparently I have forgotten to share them with you! 

We use them much like our colour cards which you can also download from the blog. 

They are great to use as just a flash card, but you can also use them with little counters or beads as well as little balls of playdough that your kiddo rolls themselves for an awesome fine motor activity! 

They are photo sized and I printed them at Big W to save ink {and time! no need to cut them!} and laminated them in 4×6 laminating pouches {again to save time with no need to cut}. 
They’re small enough to use as flash cards but big enough to use for activities. They’re sturdy and will last ages, our colour cards have! 

You can download a set here if you like :o}

Number Flash Cards



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