Hi everyone!
I am often asked what I am loving in terms of baby products this time around and so thought I’d share my top 5-6 with you every few months. 
Here is the first instalment that covers a few things we are loving in the first few months of Owen’s life. In addition to these things, we are also still absolutely loving our video baby monitor which is a Uniden Baby Watch and I couldn’t live without our capsule/infant carrier for the car and pram. This is the first time I’ve had one for one of our babies and it’s seriously awesome when you have no choice but to cart bubs around everywhere you need to be! 
Most of the things I’m popping up here aren’t what you would necessarily call ‘essentials’ – but are just some things that we bought and have been loving or finding super useful this time around. 
I’ll run through them all in a little more detail below.

1: IKEA LEKA baby play gym | 2: Milestone Baby Cards | 3: ergoCocoon 
4: Puraforce New Mother’s Tonic | 5: Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Mirror | 6: Boba Wrap

1. IKEA LEKA baby play gym
We seriously love this baby gym. Not only does it look nice it is also extremely practical because you just lift it up and move it as you wish. I pop Owen on a quilted mat on the floor and this just gets popped above him for a play, and is so easy to move aside when we’re done. Owen really loves it and the click clack sounds the wood and little plastic toys make. But I think his favourite bits are the spinny things on the sides!
I can also place it above him while he is playing in his cot. It’s super easy to keep clean too. We have borrowed our play gym from a friend but I’d seriously buy one in a heartbeat, I’m pretty sure it’s our most played with baby toy.

2. Milestone Baby Cards
These are seriously gorgeous milestone cards illustrated by Australian Beci Orpin. I have been loving ours and look forward to each opportunity to use them! There is a card for their first few weeks, each month thereafter and milestones like first smile, rolling over, starting solids and so on. These are really beautiful and would make the perfect baby shower gift.

3. ergoCocoons
I have talked about my love for these before. We bought one when Chloe was a little bub and I have loved them ever since. Once Owen worked out how to get out of the tight swaddles we would do up for him with wraps it was into these ergoCocoons to help keep him feeling comfy and secure without the worry of him getting stuck underneath unravelled baby wraps! We have two on rotation so that we always have one for day and night sleeps.

4. Puraforce New Mother’s Tonic
Ok so this isn’t really for baby but more for Mama! These are homeopathic drops – absolutely non toxic and safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding. I bought a bottle at the Baby Expo just a few days before giving birth to Owen and I’m sure it helped me immensely this time around. 

5. Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Mirror
Owen has loved this mirror since he was very little. When he would have happy time on his playmat {which was pretty rare at first as his reflux meant he didn’t love lying flat or tummy time!} this is one of the things that would really catch his attention. And as he got older and was able to have more time on the floor and as he learnt to move his hands he fell in love with the elephants crinkly ear and the movement reflected in the mirror.

6. Boba Wrap
The Boba Wrap has to seriously be one of my most favourite baby things EVER. My gorgeous sister in law introduced me to them and I am so thankful. I have tried a few carriers which I have found useful previously with Noah and Chloe but this wrap is AMAZING and ultra comfortable to use. It seriously saved me when Owen was suffering very badly with silent reflux and just would not be put down and thankfully he would settle and sleep in it allowing me to have two hands to prepare lunch or sweep the floor. It’s super comfortable for baby too and helps keep their legs and feet in that M position that newborns and very young babies benefit so much from. We also recently used this on our plane trip and it was fantastic for keeping him snuggled up and comfy during the flight while still allowing me to have two hands free! Love it.

What are your most favourite baby things for babies aged 0-3 months?