We’re half way through the advent calendars – already. 
What? I’m not sure how that happened so fast.
Has it all been a blur for you too? 

I was talking with a friend of mine about this the other day, how this time of year inevitably gets crazy busy, not just because of Christmas, not only if you haven’t finished Christmas shopping two months ago, but because for us Aussie’s it’s also the end of a school year, everything is wrapping up and being finalised before our long holidays. There are event evenings, graduation ceremonies, open class afternoons, a bajillion scrapbooks and workbooks and broken pencils and crayons and dried out glue sticks coming home ON TOP of class Christmas parties, carols by candlelight, cooking and baking for friends, family and neighbours, advent activities, Christmas light displays and long lines to see Santa.


It’s crazy. No doubt about it.

And Christmas is in TWO weeks.
Just two very very short weeks.

And I’m feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you are feeling that too? 

It’s time to take a deep breath.

I can’t magically make all your commitments go away. I can’t magically give you 10 more hours in your evening while the kiddos are in bed.

But I can tell you that if you feel a little bit like you’re drowning, a little like you don’t have it all together this Christmas, a little like your house is SUCH A BOMB, a little like you’re way too stretched and over-committed, a little too tired from staying up putting together classmate gifts or a little too un-enthused with your Elf’s antics some nights – You’re normal

I’m the same. 
Most people I know are the same. It’s crazy. It’s flying by. Take a deep breath and delegate what you can. Say no to what you can. Take the easier route where you can. 

STOP and enjoy staring at your children while they play by the Christmas tree a little bit when you can.
Christmas will be over in a flash, I so want to enjoy my favourite season and not let it just pass in a whirlwind.

I shared this photo on instagram last night – Noah’s classmate cookie gifts ready to go to school with his smiley little face yesterday morning. But I thought about it a lot that night, I guess because it was a hassle and a half to get that result thanks to our oven dying at the worst time – but my picture doesn’t tell you any of that. It just shows you finished. It just shows you cute personalised labels and individually bagged cookies. 

And at the moment I know that there are SO MANY photos like that all over blog / facebook / instagram land. Photos that look beautiful, awesome, fantastic, effortless. Photos that might make you feel like you’re not doing enough this Christmas. 

Remember that all those photos are the ‘good stuff’. The finished product, the end result. The highlight reel! I’ve written a little about that before.

I wanted to share this with you. It might look familiar! 
It’s called baking-4-dozen-cookies-with-3-kids-after-school-when-you-are-making-dinner-too! {oh and then your oven died that same afternoon or insert some other crazy, bad timed event here} 
In other words, my kitchen the other night.

So pretty, isn’t it! 😉 

Just keeping it real. Just wanting you to know that there is mess and chaos and things that don’t turn out properly at my house too, not just the pretty that usually gets shown on blogs and instagram feeds. You might see the finished product most of the time – but don’t forget that there was probably a little struggle to get there so if things aren’t going perfectly at yours – you are not alone!

So pat yourself on the back because you’re doing awesome.