We love to make our own ornaments for the tree and the kids always love to see their creations hanging proudly! 
These egg carton jingle bells are really easy and very cute! Just cut out your egg cartons so you have the little ‘cup’ shape. I spray painted ours gold because it’s easy and quick! {I also only spray painted the tops, it would probably look nicer if you spray painted the insides too, we were just in a hurry to make something so I didn’t bother!} 
I poked holes in the top of each with a satay stick.
Then when they were dry I gave the kids tubes of glitter glue to decorate! You could add sequins and other things if you liked but I kept it simple with these – such a great invention we love glitter glue tubes here!
I so love the little chubby hands! 

Noah was pretty generous with the glitter glue – it’s all good it dries nicely and looks beautiful in the end!
I have had these little bells for a long time, pretty sure you can get them from craft shops and scrapbooking stores! I just threaded one onto a piece of pipe cleaner.

When the egg carton bits were all nice and dry we popped the pipe cleaner through the hole up the top and made a loop for hanging and holding. 
And there you have some very cute and simple home made bells for the kids to ring or hang on the Christmas tree!