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I have been a little obsessed with gallery walls of late. I first did one in Chloe’s room, and then in Noah’s. And then in the nursery and now I’ve also done one in the living room.

I’m much more comfortable now with putting them together, and don’t know why it took me years before I gave it a go in our home! If you’ve been wanting to try putting up a gallery wall at your house, what are you waiting for?! It’s not as scary as you might think :o}

We have recently changed our house around and this used to be our dining room but it is now our living room. Although I don’t really want to ‘frame’ the TV or make it look like a feature in the room, the wall was definitely in need of some loving! I thought a mini gallery wall above would make such a difference! So that is the spot picked out. Now to buy some frames.

I headed to Target and had a look at their frames selection and was happy to find such a great range! As I wanted to start small {you can always add frames later which I plan to do!} 

– 2 pack rustic photo frames in white
– 2 pack wooden photo frames
– tapered wooden photo frame in white {this is the square version of the frame I bought – 
wish I had seen it, think I might get it to add on!}

You can check out some of their range online – but I found they had a lot more in store!

Then I lay them out on the floor and keep playing with the layout. I take photos {it helps to look back on them!} and keep going til I think I’m happy. If I have a specific photo or maybe a pretty print I know I want included in the gallery wall I will try and work around it, so in this case I knew I wanted a 5×7 sized vertical print. The other frames could go any way they looked best. I have found it much easier to find the layout I love and then look to fill the frames.

I also have had this wooden heart decoration for about 7 years and have never really had a ‘spot’ for it so I decided to add it to this mini gallery wall. I think I might end up painting it in the future with a white wash so it isn’t so dark compared to the frames. 

If you are going to nail or drill holes for your frames into your wall then I think the well known trick of cutting some newspaper in the sizes and shapes of your frames and sticking them on the wall would be a good idea! That way you can play around with the layout using just paper prior to making any holes since that’s a little more difficult and permanent than what I have been doing, which is using removable adhesive tabs! 
The velcro ones have been my choice lately and they just make gallery walls like this a breeze. Just a tip that if you’re going to use the removable adhesive tabs – make sure the back of the frames are fairly flat like these ones are – makes using those tabs much easier and efficient.

When I am pretty happy with my chosen layout I decide on what should go in the frames.
And once that’s done I put the frames up. This is when the photo I took of the layout I liked comes in handy as a reference guide! {Even if sometimes I change my mind a little.}

I am loving the difference it’s made to this space and I do feel like it takes away from the tv a little which is nice as I don’t love the tv being so big and obvious. I also love any opportunity to pop cute photos of the kids up on the wall! 
I love this little print I made up for the wall too, it has been making me smile. Would you like me to make it a free download?

I am also really loving the little pop of colour from this painting Chloe did for me for Mother’s Day. I am hoping to fill this frame with a family photo a little while after baby3 is here but I am loving the art so much I think we’ll just have to add to the wall on either side when we have a photo of baby and a family photo!

Have you done a gallery wall? Have you been wanting to?



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