Over the school holidays we had some fun with our construction theme! 

Both my kids love anything trucks, diggers, tools and building so I just knew we could have a lot of fun with it. 

We started our activities by surprising the kids this ‘construction site’ when they woke up one morning!
I laid out two activities for them to do and popped their hi-vis vests on the back of their chairs. 
Hubby brought in some orange cones from our outdoor playbox and thought he’d have some fun with some caution tape! 

A month or so ago we also bought them a little tool set each from Masters on clearance {think it ended up being $6 a set} and the sets came with safety goggles so I popped them on the chairs as well. 

I had popped some building toys from the playroom into baskets onto our writing workshop shelves so they would be nice and close to all the action of the ‘construction site’ and again with the caution tape hubby taped over our writing workshop sign :o}
One of the activities on the table waiting for them in the morning was a construction sensory tub. Thank you so much to Kerina from Living on a Latte for the inspiration {check out her post for some other construction theme ideas}! 
We used corn kernals and split peas in one part of ours and then some mini stones I have had for years in the other side {of course now they are all mixed with the split peas!} and some larger rocks from the garden. 
Then I just added the kids crane set, some signs and trucks and they had a ball! 
I will share the other activity that was on the table next – along with a few other ways we had fun!
Do your kids go gaga over diggers and trucks too?