We used to have one of those tap tap toys that came with shapes, little nails and a small hammer but it was a cheapy discount store buy and didn’t last very long. 

I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it and school holidays rolled around and so I brought out some thumb tacks and pulled a cork board trivet out of the kitchen drawer. ta da! DIY hammering toy. {those awesome tool sets I found the kids at Masters have a hammer that is the perfect size for little kids hands so that is what we used}. 

This was a lot of fun for the kids – they loved the hammering and made ‘drawings’ with the thumb tacks in the cork board. When they ran out of tacks we just pulled them out and started again. 

I liked how the kids {particularly Chloe} could push the thumb tack into the cork a little first and then hammer – which meant her little fingers didn’t get in the way. They are also very short, so didn’t poke out the other side of the cork board :o}

Easy and fun and another great fine motor activity!

On pinterest I also saw this very cool idea of using golf tees and styrofoam blocks/florist foam for hammering fun. That would be awesome for younger kids of if you’re worried about the thumb tacks {we really had no issue with the thumb tacks though, they were always used under supervision}.

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