Another activity we had a lot of fun with during our construction themed fun were these alphabet rocks!

We have had these rocks in our backyard for over a year, the kids use them to build little towns on the grass or lately, in the sandpit. It started with writing numbers onto a few of the rocks since Chloe has been so interested in numbers lately, and I branched out and did the alphabet too. I just used a large thick sharpie and wrote a letter or number on each rock and then wrote the same letter or number on the other side of the rock so it didn’t matter what side was facing up. I also made a few extra of the most common letters like ‘a’ etc specifically so Noah could spell some of his sight words that have some letter double ups. {and so I could spell their names!}

I put all the rocks into the sandpit with the kids dump trucks and I’d ask Chloe to find a letter {she is still learning so needed some help} and when she found it, she got to put it in her dump truck.

I would give Noah a word to spell and he collected all the letters in his dump truck and then would lay them out for me. 

All the while they both made truck noises and had heaps of fun in the sandpit. 

We are still enjoying the alphabet rocks so I’m really glad I made them. We do pack them up after we play with them so I am not sure how well they’d hold up if left out in the rain etc but kept out of the rain the sharpie letters have held up just fine :o}

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The kids have also been enjoying these diggers we printed and coloured in! 

You can download your own from this site here and cut them out and use split pins / brads for the moving parts :o}

Have you been having any construction fun of your own?