I love any reason to dye pasta and we use it a lot in our activities and crafts at home. 

This idea is straight from pinterest, we just glued some pasta onto cardstock to make pretty rainbows. I set out the table with glue in a pot and all the coloured pasta ready for some fun!

 Noah knew what to do and had fun starting out on his own – he has also memorised the rainbow song so knew the order the colours should go in. 

Chloe needed a bit of help to start out – she glued all over the page {I think that is her favourite part really!}

 but once we got the curve of red pasta pieces going together she was confident to keep going. 

Very pretty!

Chloe has also been using the left over pieces to thread onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets. And since we had the glue out Noah glued a whole bunch of pop sticks together in an attempt to make a pop stick house. Crafts like this are fun and the kids love the ‘end result’ but often times they also really love the opportunity to keep on going using the materials we have out to create their own fun. They will sit there and create their own masterpiece for far longer than it took to do our pasta wheel rainbows so it is also really great to let them keep going so they can use their imaginations to create what they like! :o}

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And here is a tutorial on how to dye your own pasta – it is much easier than you might think! :o}