Over the last week of term and first week of our school holidays last week we kept on going with our weather theme! This time we decided to do a fun activity – rain clouds in a glass :o} 
For this simple activity you will need some shaving cream, water and blue food colouring for rain, a glass or jar with some water and a dropper or medicine squirter for adding the ‘rain’ to the cloud in a glass.
Put some shaving cream on top of the water in your glass or jar. Pretty white fluffy clouds are ready!
I popped the kids glasses on these trays we use for many of our crafts and activities to help contain any mess from drips. I am often asked about them when I show photos of our activities on instagram and facebook. These trays are like a cafeteria tray – perfect for playdough, painting, etc etc. I have seen some similar in Kmart for about $3. :o}
Slowly, using a dropper, add some ‘rain’ to the top of your clouds. 
Just like real clouds, they will get heavy with rain and slowly but surely the rain will make its way down and through the clouds into the water in the glass.
It’s so exciting when the rain comes falling down :o} Keep adding more and it will come through and swirl around in the glass. My kids had a lot of fun!
Stay tuned for some more weather themed fun, including some cloud dough and a printable weather station!