My kids love sensory play and after making cloud dough we also made cloud fluff! Yes, maybe over-doing the ‘cloud’ activities {we also did rain clouds in a glass!} during our weather theme but with a cloud theme happening in the baby’s nursery as well I have clouds on my mind :o}

This is seriously a fun sensation. I enjoyed it too. It’s hard to describe. You know what shaving cream would feel like on it’s own – already pretty fun for kids, but the cotton wool provides a little resistance and texture!

It’s definitely messy but definitely fun. It’s also not really reusable. 

What you need:
Shaving cream
Cotton balls / wool – teased/stretched to resemble fluff

I just filled half a tub with teased cotton balls and then sprayed shaving cream in the other half. Then – mix it up!!
Messy fluffy soft fun! 

The kids definitely had fun with their clouds!