I have seen so many pins on pinterest of cloud dough sensory tubs so of course when we did our little weather theme we had to try it! 

It is AMAZING! It’s so soft and my kids are still enjoying it weeks later!

You need just two ingredients – plain flour and baby oil {or vegetable oil}

We used 8 cups of plain flour and 1 cup of baby oil. {I just bought the cheapest of both I could find at the supermarket}

 I ended up adding in more baby oil as I mixed it together to get a really nice consistency for moulding and shaping. I didn’t measure it but don’t worry too much. If you think your batch needs more oil just add some and mix it in then add more if you think it needs more again. 

It’s a bit messy so I suggest you do it outside :o}  but it is such good fun! Even I love it and may have played with it for a little while before I let the kids have a go! Afterwards I just popped the lid on for storage.

Give the kids some little cups and bowls to help them mould the dough. Mine loved tapping the dough down into their cups and bowls and making sandcastles. We also made ice creams with our ice cream scoop!