I was recently asked to review the new Thermomix Cooking for your Baby & Toddler cookbook by Louise Fulton Keats and I was super excited when it arrived. Louise is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and also has qualifications in nutrition from Deakin University. She is also the granddaughter or Margaret Fulton, who is very well known in Australia for her knowledge in all things cooking for our families.

This new book is designed for use with the Thermomix. {She has also published a version for those who do not have a thermomix though!}
I love my thermomix. A lot. We have had ours for a year now and I still feel like it was a very good investment and it is still used all the time. The Everyday Cook Book that came with my machine though was a bit lacking in baby and kiddo food ideas so this book fills a real gap!

Here’s a peek at the table of contents. 
You can see the book is broken into sections depending on your baby’s age.

 I love that there is a lot of great info in the book about good nutrition and good eating habits for children. As well as information on vitamins  and minerals, why they are important and what the best food sources of each are. 

 There are a lot of great recipes in the book. Obviously for this review I am focusing more on the recipes for older children, but there are a lot of delicious and wholesome purees and first food recipes included in the first half of the book as it is designed to be a useful guide and recipe book from starting solids onwards. 
I am really excited about having a thermomix to make baby#3’s meals and this will definitely be my go to book when we get to that stage! 
 Aside from baby foods, there are a lot of recipes for toddlers and older children too, as well as a section for family meals where Louise also adds notes on how best to serve those family meals to baby or toddler. 
There are recipes for yummy breakfasts like these Ricotta Pancakes as well as for many other breakfast ideas like smoothies, quinoa porridge, home made baked beans and wholemeal crepes.
We have made and loved the carrot cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing – they fly off the plate each time I make them and are a new favourite at our house. They are unbelievably easy too. I just make ours without the almond called for in the recipe so that they can be taken to school in lunchboxes.
The sausage rolls are also really yummy, although Noah wasn’t keen but he doesn’t like sausage rolls at all. Hubby and I agreed they were very good, and Chloe couldn’t get enough. The next time I made them I added a little more seasoning though I think the recipe is perfect as is if making them for a young toddler to enjoy. The recipe makes a lot – perfect for a party or get together. I froze a lot of them as you can then pop them into the oven {frozen} for 40 mins and have fresh yummy sausage rolls with no additives or preservatives or other nasties included! 
We also love the tuna mornay pasta bake. The vegetable pasta sauce and the sneaky mac + cheese are great recipes to boost your kiddos veggie intake especially if you have a kiddo {like I do} that doesn’t like veggies very much at all! 
I am really looking forward to trying even more recipes from the book, like the stock recipes for home made stock to add to our meals, as well as the crunchy fish fingers recipe that I am sure my kids will LOVE {and that they have asked and asked me to make since flicking through the book too!} as well as the pumpkin and pea risotto which looks very good.
Overall I think this is a great book for any thermomix owner with young kids to have, especially if you have a younger one about to or just starting out on their solids journey and you’re wanting to use the thermomix to its full baby food making potential.  


disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Thermomix Cooking for your Baby & Toddler to review. All opinions expressed here are my own and I was not paid for this review.