Hi everyone!
Whoops! My plan to have this as a weekly post certainly hasn’t worked has it!!? 
I can honestly not believe how the weeks are just flying by, with a little under 2 months before this baby arrives I am almost in panic mode. I have a lot of things on my ‘before baby to do list’ that I haven’t gotten to yet, plus a lot of obligations for the blog that I said yes to {some months and months ago} that I am still trying to get through. I know it’s been a bit quiet on here otherwise, but thank you for being here, and for checking in and for the emails I keep getting! I appreciate them very much xx
I thought I’d share a few favourite things around our house these past couple of weeks!
Rainbow rice is always always a hit here. Add some cars and you’ve got some instant fun!
After our trip down south and our visit to the animal farm, we had to make a little farm of our own, of course! A little off cut of astro turf and some rocks, some corn kernels, lentils and uncooked macaroni pasta and some cute little animals and Chloe played with this for hours. I use an ikea trofast tray for most of these tubs of fun – because I can stick a lid on them and pop them away and pull them out again after a few days for more fun. You can see more tub ideas here.
 Contact paper leaf collages are fun, especially since we are lucky here in Perth some of our trees are still changing. These collages work better with leaves that aren’t super dry!
My kiddos have also just been enjoying doing their own thing. Part of the reason I made their writing workshop is so they’d have access to their crayons and pencils and paper all the time. The creativity that comes from them being able to do their own thing when the inspiration strikes just amazes me. I think I will do a whole post on that soon. :o}
More rainbow rice play :o} This time a tea party. And yes, 6 year old boys don’t mind having a tea party with their little sisters sometimes.
Watercolour paints have seriously changed art time around here! I used to cringe a little bit when my kids would ask to paint – which of course was most days. But being able to just pull out a palette of watercolours, their art diaries, a paintbrush and a cup of water means they can paint paint paint with minimal cleanup and set up takes 2 minutes instead of pulling out all the tubes of paint etc. We save that for other times and this has been our go to for more day to day painting.

What have your kiddos been playing with lately!?