Hi everyone!

We have been having some fun with weather themed crafts and activities lately! It’s been great as we’ve had some rainy days, some sunny days, some windy ones and even some very foggy mornings so we’ve had plenty of opportunity to talk weather around here! 

One of our first weather themed activities was to make some paper plate umbrellas! 

You will need:
Paper plate
Pop sticks
various bits and pieces to decorate your umbrella with
glue + paint brush

First you cut a little bit out of the bottom of your paper plate so it’s more umbrella shaped.
I spent a little while tearing up a heap of scrap pieces of tissue paper one night and keep it all in a ziplock bag in the craft cupboard specifically for times like this when I need to give the kids a variety of coloured paper etc for a glueing activity. I also pulled out some furry little pom poms but you really could do anything here – you could even just give them a bucket of crayons or markers and let them decorate their umbrellas that way. Easy :o}
 Let them dry and then add stick the popstick onto the back of your umbrella.
And there you go :o} These will help you keep nice and dry!
Chloe said she needed to make another one – with a handle. LOVE how their minds work. I just gave her another plate and more pop sticks and refilled the glue and she went to work…
We stuck ours up under our paper and ribbon cloud wall. If you’ve been around for a while you may recognise the cute sunshine – yes, we still have them! Going on 2 years old but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.
The kiddos have also been playing under our rain ribbons with their umbrellas :o}