Hi lovelies!

I am starting a weekly {hopefully!} series on the blog in preparation for when baby is here called “our playful week”. I have been wanting to do this for a while for a number of reasons. 

I get so many emails asking me what my secret is – how do I do detailed crafts and in-depth activities with and for my kiddos every day! Honestly I don’t! I am a normal busy mum and my kids get a lot of play time where they have to make their own fun and use their imaginations and not always have me there by their side – that is important for their development too! But it’s no secret that I love to provide them with fun and interactive ways to play {and of course learn!} as well. So here I hope to show you a little more of the simple stuff and everyday we do.

Another reason is often I share something on instagram or facebook that we have been enjoying lately, but it’s not quite ‘blog worthy’ or doesn’t really require a whole post of it’s own like some of our other fun so this is where I can share those on the blog. 

And another reason is often I run out of time to post a blog post! I have so so many {over 100!!} posts in my drafts folder that are waiting on photos or for me to finish writing them and I am hoping that this series will help me get more of our fun shared through the blog {especially with a new baby in the house} than just sitting in my drafts folder. 

And so – here is our playful week – a few snippets of the fun we were up to last week! Maybe you’ll get a few easy ideas for fun at your house :o}

A box from our baby’s capsule of course has provided days worth of fun. The kids took to it with their tools and cut out doors and windows and made their own little house.

 Duplo is a firm favourite toy in this house – Noah is 6 and he still LOVES it. 
Chalk on our pavement is also a favourite here. And these cute little chalks I bought the kids a few weeks ago make chalk drawings {something my kids LOVE} that little bit more fun!
“The Red dino went this way and then he got stuck in the mud and then the purple dino went this way and helped to pull him out” :o}
I really want to do an outdoor chalkboard wall for the kids, too! Think it will be a project to do in time for summer! 
 Playdough is also a favourite here – we like to make our own as it’s much cheaper! I have been trying out the Thermomix dough and the consistency is just wonderful even if the clean up out of the bowl takes me a while. Though I have heard of so many using the hot clean cycle – must try this! See more of our Autumn Playdough Trees here.

 Painting with water is something we love to do here a lot too. It’s easy and quick and keeps them happy! {It also cleans off the chalk drawings haha!!}
Kids love to ‘paint’ their cubby with water too.
And more play dough fun. Play dough is really good for their fine motor skills and helps them develop their pencil grip and strength in their hands! Encourage them to squish and squeeze and roll and pinch!

What have you and your kiddos been playing lately?