I feel like Chloe has been waiting for forever to turn the big THREE.
She just couldn’t wait until that day and talked about it for months and months and finally last week she had that magic day and now that she has reached that amazing age, she is very proud of herself :o}

We didn’t have a party this year and instead planned to go to the zoo as her special birthday outing. Being the nearly three year old she is, she changed her mind about a dozen times before the big day! In the end she asked to go to a cupcake shop to eat a cupcake. And said that she’d like a purple fairy cake. 

We took her out to this very cute little cafe called Sherbert Cafe and Bake Shop in Maylands. 
It’s very cute and old fashioned inside, with retro tables, New York City posters and art work and the cutest bay windows to sit in and enjoy a cupcake and coffee. We arrived at the perfect time, ordered straight away (after eyeing off all the gorgeous cakes and cupcakes and making our choice) and sat down. While we were there, the place got packed! Heaps of people waiting for cupcakes and coffees and sandwiches – you can tell it’s a favourite place to visit for a lot of people!

The cupcakes are delicious. And gorgeous. And did I say delicious? We went for Vanilla with vanilla icing (I know – maybe a bit boring but there was so much choice and these were very pretty!) and it was seriously a very good vanilla cupcake, each one was polished off. 

Hubby had a coffee and said it was very good, and the kids and I shared a couple of milkshakes which were gone in about .5 seconds flat. 

Afterwards we walked around, it’s a lovely area with some very cute shops to browse in.

And then we headed out to Kings Park for some running around and lots of playing the afternoon away. It was a gorgeous and chilled out day and our sweet Chloe loved every minute of it so we were happy!

The next day was her actual birthday, and she woke up to a little party table with fairy wings, purple and teal tissue paper decorations.

I didn’t quite make a ‘purple fairy cake’ – but it was cake, and it was purple, and it had edible glitter and coloured sugar thanks to some cheeky fairies. ;o}

In our family it is tradition that the birthday girl/boy gets to choose what they’d like for dinner – and Chloe chose pancakes! So we had breakfast for dinner which the kids thought was amazingly fun. I think we’ll have to do it more often :o} Who would complain about pancakes for dinner – or bacon and eggs? Yum!

Happy Third Birthday dear Chloe! You are such an amazing little girl and you make us proud everyday! We love you!