As a kid we used to make this at summer camp. For us it was called Oobleck, based on some green slime in a Dr. Seuss story. It was a favourite at camp, also because we would get to bring some home with us. Once you make it up, it can act like a solid substance when you put force on it – punch down or squeeze it in your hands and it will feel solid, but let go and it will just ‘melt’ and ooze like a liquid.

It’s super easy but can be a little messy – so take advantage of the gorgeous autumn weather and head outside and set the kids up at a table and let them go nuts! 

It was all easily cleaned up though – the silly slime dries up quite quickly and I brushed the stuff on the table back into the bowl and everything else just got a quick hose off. We started on the grass and moved under cover because of a little rain.

You will need:
food colouring
a bowl and spoon

I used one box of cornstarch and put just under half in a bowl each for the kids. {Keep a little bit aside or have another box handy in case too much water is added, that way you can add a little more cornstarch to get the consistency wanted}

The general rule is 1 part water to 1.5 – 2 parts cornstarch to get fun sliminess.

Colour some water any colour you like. My kids chose blue and purple so I gave them their own bottle of coloured water each.

Allow them to pour some water in, and let them mix it through, then add more water and mix again until you’ve got some nice goopiness going on. 

What you want is for the silly slime to be a little resistant or a bit ‘hard’ when you ‘punch down’ on it but if you pick some up it drips and dribbles back into the bowl.

It’s a fun sensory sensation and my kids played for ages and ages. 

You can store it in an airtight container {and add more water or cornstarch if needed next time} and reuse it a few times.

So fun!