Well it finally feels like autmun here in Perth – I know! It’s nearly winter now, but the trees around us have only just started to change colours and show off their gorgeous reds and oranges and yellows in the last two weeks. The air is crisper in the evenings and the mornings are cold! It seems it took it’s time, but finally autumn is here! 

{Yes, we are all sick too haha, change of season seems to do that to us, but I still love this weather!}

My kids love play dough – all the time. It keeps them busy for AGES. It’s great for imaginative play as well as fine motor skill development so it really is a great all around activity for them to enjoy. 

Yesterday I decided to dye some leaf shaped pasta orange and red for some autumn crafting, and one of the first things we did with them was make some autumn playdough trees! Dying pasta is very easy! Check out how here

You really could use any kind of small pasta – little macaroni shells would work really well too!

I set the kids craft table up and when they sat down I asked them to use some brown to make a tree trunk and some green to make the top of their tree.

And then I just said they could pop the leaves on anywhere they liked. It was fun to see how they both took a different approach to their leaves :o}

And the reason I really love play dough and my kids playing with it is because they will use their imagination, sing and make noises and make up stories while playing, and do their own thing.
I didn’t even think about trying a 3D tree like this, but that’s exactly what Noah wanted to make with his play dough and pasta leaves next.

And then this. An owl! I loved it so much I wanted to keep it as is, but Noah enjoyed squishing him! Haha :o}

Do your kiddos like play dough as much as mine?