In September last year I sat down and wrote a 30 before 30 list – a ‘sand-bucket’ list of sorts of things I would like to do before I hit that 3-0 milestone. It’s not that I am afraid of turning 30, it’s just that I’ve spent the last 10 years not doing a lot of things I really wanted to learn or experience, but was doing a lot of studying and looking after step-kiddos and then our own kiddos and learning how to be a grown up (I met my hubby when I was 20!)

I needed something to focus on and to ‘accomplish’. Something to help take my mind of babies {we were going to wait until the end of 2013 to decide on baby #3} and I thought it would be nice to have something to keep me busy. 
You might look at my list and think it’s rather boring! But they’re all things I feel like I’d like to learn / do and probably have nothing to do with turning 30 but they don’t have to. The point was to focus on doing some things for me, things I would like to learn, experience or accomplish (no bungee jumping for me!). I wanted to make them achievable and realistic. 
Sure I would LOVE to go to on my dream vacation to New York before I am 30 but it just isn’t going to happen :o}

I know ‘watching the sunrise’ isn’t life changing or fist pumping stuff – but I’ve never done that with my kids and I’d like to.
My hubby and I have also never been to a movie theatre together (without kids) so I’d like to do that too!

It’s just a bit of fun, but I am enjoying having my list. 
Some things have had to be put aside because I didn’t expect to be pregnant this year, but I am more than ok with that :o} Hmm baby vs run 5 km non stop? Why baby, please! 

So I thought I’d share it with you – and ask you what is on your ‘sand-bucket’ list? 
We are big on ‘sand-bucket’ lists at our house (i love the term, bit less daunting than ‘bucket list’ I think!) and we make them for school holidays, and seasons (our fun lists), and holiday trips away, and now for me to work through for the next year or so before I turn 30 :o}

I am enjoying getting through them (albeit slowly!!) I’ve *’d the ones I’ve done so far.

1. Make chai from scratch
2. Learn to sew – anything
3. Make cheese from scratch
*4. Fly a kite with the kids
*5. Swim at the beach
6. Go whale watching
7. Milk a cow
*8. Cook adobo
9. Finish my degree
10. Have family photos done
11. Work in a soup kitchen
12. Go canoeing
13. Attend a photography class
14. Make rendang from scratch
15. Be more of a morning person
16. Run 5km non stop
17. Attend a cooking class
18. Go on a little family holiday
*19. Master a cheesecake recipe
20. Go to a blogging event
21. See the Karri forest
*22. Grow a herb and veggie garden (half way here – herbs check, veggies not yet)
23. Watch the sunrise with hubby and the kiddos
24. Learn the art of cupcake swirls
25. Donate blood
26. Write more ‘snail mail’ letters and cards
27. Get up to date with the kiddos scrapbooks and art albums
28. Go out to dinner or a movie with just my hubby
29. Do Relay for Life or Step Up for MS
30. Start a business

So there it is. And now I won’t lose it like I do my paper version!

Have you made a list? What would go on yours?