I am linking up with Natural New Age Mum today to show you what is in my bag!

I thought it would be fun to join in!! 
I picked up my bag and realised it had been a crazy busy week and my bag was not looking very organised. It gets like this when I’m busy and haven’t had a spare 5 minutes to go through it – but I’m keeping it real! Nothing censored except a used tissue courtesy of ms Chloe. I am pretty sure won’t miss out by not seeing that :o}

I evicted a lot of the kids stuff from my bag – I used to carry a little pouch for them each, with a toy car or a comb and some hair stuff or little pack of pencils – now that they’re both much older I keep some of that stuff in the car for when needed and also have another little bag set up with little things like that for them that lives by the door so it’s easy to grab and go. That doesn’t mean that ‘kid stuff’ always stays out of my bag though! I usually have a rabbit softie in here and a few other bits and pieces.

1. My purse/wallet. It is massive and has a bajillion cards in it – half of them are not mine!! My kids have a swimming card and library card each and all of that gets housed in here too. I think I need to get one of those card only sleeves to house all of that stuff, so I might be able to actually close my wallet!

2. I always keep 1 or 2 re-usable bags in my handbag. Great for when I pop in to the supermarket or another shop as then I don’t have to use a plastic bag. I keep a stack of re-usable bags in the car so that when I do a large grocery shop they’re ready and waiting.

3. Sunglasses – I cannot live without these and often they stay on my head all day.

4. Mexican chime bola necklace from hubby for our baby

5. keys – lots of keys, and garage door remote. I keep my keys on a lanyard now for a few reasons – first so it’s easy to find when I dig around in my bag for them and the other reason is that when I am popping the kids into the car I put the keys around my neck so that I don’t accidentally lock them in the car with a kiddo strapped in their seat and my phone in my bag on the passenger seat {we came close to doing that once so I’m a bit paranoid!}

6. New crayons I bought for the kids for some school holiday fun – haven’t taken them out yet oops!

7. An external hard drive that I update with our photos. If anything was ever to happen at our house and I wasn’t home, at least I would have most of our precious photos on this hard drive with me.

8. A pretty pink polka dot pen. 

9. The Chemical Maze reference book comes out with me pretty much all the time. I don’t often use it but sometimes I will see a new product or want to check something and it’s handy to help avoid so so many of those awful toxic chemicals in food and body products!

10. Noah’s sight word flash cards. He brought them in the car the other day.

11. baby wipes

12. Hurraw vegan lip balm in black cherry. LOVE it.

13. lots of hair ties, loose coins floating around the bottom of my bag {think I need a coin purse} and some marbles – no idea how they got in there!

14. Babyganics hand sanitiser – alcohol free 

15. Noah’s watch which needs new batteries

16. Handsfree for my phone

17. Little snacks – a Macro raw chocolate food bar {yummy!!!} and a couple of yummy earth organic lollipops 

18. bandaids. I ALWAYS need bandaids.

19. My asthma inhaler

20. tissues

21. {not pictured} my iPhone! I was using it to take the photo but it’s always in my bag.

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