Can you believe Easter is this weekend??
That kind of snuck up on me!! I have been slowly preparing and so haven’t had to rush anything thankfully but it didn’t quite click that it was just a few days away.

I thought I’d share a few Easter gift ideas that make and appearance at our house. Hopefully it might help if you’re yet to organise a little Easter basket for the kiddos or might be useful next year :o}

We spend a lot of time making treats in the lead up to Easter. Cupcakes, cookies, chocolate nests etc so I ask that the Easter bunny not put a lot of chocolate in their Easter baskets come Easter Sunday. A bunny, an egg and a few mini eggs in refillable plastic eggs in the garden during their egg hunt and I think that is plenty and they’re super happy!

Every year they get a new pair of winter pj’s from the bunny. Because it starts to get cooler at nights around Easter this is a perfect time for a new pair! 

And every year, he also brings them a new book, usually rabbit or Easter themed if he can find one that we’ll like. 

There’s usually a little toy of some sort in there, too. And sometimes there is a cute little bunny friend to love.

Here are the kids Easter baskets from 2011 – the cute little egg shaped bouncy ball was a hit and we still have them!

These are the kids Easter baskets last year – inside them are their pj’s, little chocolates and, and a super cute Bit Of Whimsy baby bunny each and of course a gorgeous book each that just so happened to match the bunnies they received.

And this year these are their baskets – new pj’s, a book, a kinder bunny and a kinder egg, little egg wind up toy and a gorgeous bunny each to add to our collection. 
I couldn’t resist these baskets from woolworths this year, and we’ll use them for storage in their bedrooms or playroom after Easter because I still love their cute little bunny baskets (shown above) from Pottery Barn Kids. 

Some other Easter goodies we’ve enjoyed in addition to pyjamas, books and soft toy bunnies through the years are:

  • hatching eggs (the ones you soak in water and they hatch a few days later)
  • egg shaped chalk
  • egg shaped crayons
  • colouring books
  • craft kits
  • toothbrushes
  • wooden eggs
  • egg shaped musical shakers
  • egg shape sorter
  • Anything bunny related like cute egg cups, bowls, cups etc.

And this year, like last year, my kiddos will give some chickens and eggs to a very deserving child and their family via World Vision Gifts. I love any opportunity to teach my kiddos about helping others.
Easter for us is full of a lot of family fun time. I can’t wait for this weekend! I’m hoping to squeeze in a lot of reading, maybe a movie, some cheeky Easter bunny antics and a little egg hunt, church, baking, sleeping, bike riding and a trip or two to the park!

What does your family do for Easter gifts? 
What do you have planned for the gorgeous long weekend?