Last week my gorgeous boy turned SIX years old.
I know everyone says it, because it’s just so true – how did we get here – already? SIX? It doesn’t seem that long ago that he was just starting to walk, and talk, and fell in love with trains. All of a sudden he’s huge and in year one. 
This year, instead of a birthday party, we told Noah he could choose to do pretty much anything he would like to celebrate his birthday. We could go to the zoo, or a park, bring a friend to a movie, what ever he felt like. He asked us to go on a family road trip to the beach. And so that’s what we did 🙂
The drive to Lancelin from Perth is not long at all – just over an hour depending on where you’re coming from. It’s not a super interesting drive but then after a while – you get this view. Wow!
There is a look out just outside of town, you can park near the beach and walk up it {it’s a fairly easy walk, Noah did it all himself, Chloe needed a little help on the way back as it is a tad uneven}
The view is gorgeous – just blue and turquoise sparkling water, some people in their boats, waves crashing on the beach and at the reefs further away. Some people had jetski’s and these were fun to watch! 
After checking out the lookout we decided to find some lunch. We had planned to eat on the beach but changed our minds and just ate at Vibes Pizza Cafe {near the IGA on Gingin road} and the kids devoured a pizza while hubby and I ate a burger and people watched. It’s such a lovely, sleepy little town. And I absolutely loved that there was a lady selling her home made jams and pickled onions at a table set up outside the supermarket entrance! 
There was also a few other places to grab some lunch including the supermarket, fish and chip shop and a couple of bakeries. 
{Also when traveling with kids it’s always good to know if there are public toilets easily available and we had no trouble finding some while we were there!}
After lunch we headed for the beach. It was HOT! So I’m glad the water was freezing! I enjoyed the cool water all while Noah had a ball on the sand. He loved the waves crashing but wouldn’t go into the ocean any deeper than his knees. We brought along their dump trucks and buckets and shovels which was a great idea. 
We had some cold water and snacks in our shade tent so could escape the sun and heat a little in there. Luckily the breeze was gorgeous and helped to take the edge off the 39 degree day – and it was perfect for kite flying!
So for the first time ever the kids flew a kite. Such an easy but fun thing to do! Points to hubby who bought these from a discount store for the kids a few days earlier!
After this we were all hot and exhausted! So stopped for ice cream and then headed home. 
Lancelin was gorgeous and a perfect destination for a short day trip. 
Noah asked for a pecan dacquoise as his birthday cake. This has become a family favourite after making it for Father’s day last year. I made one for our family who came to celebrate Christmas with us too. I have changed it a little from the original to suit our tastes but it is definitely going to feature at all our special occasions I am sure!
And Noah also asked to bring in some cupcakes this year {we didn’t last year as his birthday was a couple of days into the first week of school!} So I said yes this year and made these mini orange {his favourite colour} monster cupcakes for him to bring to school.

It’s also a birthday tradition in our home that you have balloons in your room in the morning and that you choose what’s for dinner!
All up my gorgeous boy had a beautiful birthday and had such a great time. We loved spending this time together as a family and it was a nice change of pace from super busy party planning, especially as Noah’s birthday is always so close to the crazy start of a new school year! 

We also loved our easy day trip so much we are going to be doing a few more of them in the next few months! It’s nice to feel like you’ve gone away but you get to come home that day and sleep in your own bed and don’t have tons of washing or food shopping to do when you get back 🙂