Hi everyone! 
Another topic I have received a lot of emails and messages about is our school routines!

Now Noah is only starting in Year 1, and last year did not have homework or anything like that so our routine is pretty basic. I have a fair idea on when I am going to implement homework time {after snack when he gets home} but as we haven’t tried it out yet I don’t know how we’ll go. 

As for some little routines we do to help our school days go a little smoother, I will start with the night before a school day.

Before bedtime, we pack the school bag with anything needed for the next day; items for news, library bag, a letter that needs to go back to the teacher {or a homework folder}. 
As Noah is getting older, he is getting more independent at doing this by himself. 

We also pop his whole uniform, including underwear and socks, into a basket in his bedroom {I shared that here last year}. 
This makes the process of getting dressed in the mornings after breakfast a little easier as everything is in one place and ready to go. {It also means that if for some reason we are short a shirt or a pair of socks, we are dealing with it the night before rather than in the morning rush.}
I also try and prepare anything for his lunch that can be prepared the night before, and pop it into the fridge next to his water bottle if it needs refrigeration or place it in his lunch box on the bench ready to go. The less I have to do in the morning, the better 🙂 Often this means that I am just assembling the lunch box rather than making anything for it, depending on what kind of sandwhich he has asked for. 

I also use my lunchbox planner to help write down what Noah has asked for or help me plan around what I have on hand in the fridge or what I have baked and have stashed in the freezer. You can download yours from here.

In the afternoons, we come home and Noah has a small snack. While I’m preparing their snack, it is his responsibility to empty out his school bag. Previously, he has taken his lunch box, drink bottle and any notes out and placed them on our kitchen bench and then brought his bag into his bedroom. 

This year I have made a ‘school corner’ that I am hoping will help as we will also have homework folders and other such bits and pieces that will need a home after school. The idea is that his bag will be kept here too and of course lunch box and drink bottle will still be brought to the kitchen. Homework and school notes have a spot on here to help keep everything in one place. 
I will share more on this in another post though :o} 

The plan is that homework will be done after snack time, while he is at the dining table. This is so I can prep dinner while he’s close by if he needs anything I’m right there. After homework time we have play or craft time depending on how we are going for time / what the kiddos feel like doing.
Dinner at our house is between 5 + 5:30 usually. Then bath/showers, teeth, getting organised for the next day with bag and uniform, story and bed.

How do school routines go at your house? Do you have any homework time tips you can share for those of us who are new to the world of kids homework?