This has been a tradition since – well, forever!
My brothers and I had our own little trees that we got to decorate for a little Christmas cheer in our own bedrooms. And so my kids do the same :o}
I bought these trees a long time ago, I think from Target. Most places seem to sell some mini ones :o} I also bought battery operated lights {coloured, of course!} to use on the trees so that they don’t have to be plugged in but the kids can still have some festive coloured lights on their tree.

Then they decorate with whatever they like! Baubles, tinsel, home made ornaments etc. It’s usually a mess but that’s the point. 

They take so much pride in their work and are so proud of their little mini trees. Most nights we turn the lights on during story time or while they’re getting tucked in. They love it!

Chloe wasn’t interested in helping to decorate our big tree this year, but Noah did most of it himself. Needless to say, he is definitely following in my footsteps in the loving Christmas department!! 
Plus, he did an awesome job!

Do your kids have their own little tree? Did you?