I’ve mentioned before that I watch the additives and preservatives in the food we eat. I ran through some snacks and such for you a little while ago because let’s face it, it’s not always possible to have something made from scratch ready at any moment. So for those times where I’ve been to busy to bake, or we’re running out the door, I like the convenience of being able to grab something easy for my kids. But I also want to make sure it is something I am happy about them eating! 
So I was so delighted when Little Bellies sent my family their products to try. 

Little Bellies was started by two brothers, who wanted to feed their children only good food, free from additives, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. 
They also wanted to make a range of foods that nutritionally were a better choice than many on the market – which is why you will not find refined sugars in their products, and will be surprised by their low sodium content! And they use real, organic ingredients.

The fiddlesticks were one of the first things we decided to try. They come in Carrot and Pumpkin Fiddlesticks and Cheesy Fiddlesticks. My kiddos love both flavours and enjoyed them plain {they are like a breadstick} but lately I have been giving them to them with some home made dip or a little cream cheese! Perfect little addition for Noah’s lunch box or Chloe’s lunch plate. I often steal a couple too.

We also tried their Animal Biscuits and Mini Gingerbread Men. My kids couldn’t get enough of these! They love both of them but especially love the Mini Gingerbread ones {which contain only 6 ingredients – organic wholegrain wheat flour, organic wheat flour, organic grape juice, organic vegetable oil, organic ginger and bicarb soda}. I liked them too and think they’re perfect for Christmas coming up, too! :o}

Their Choo Chew bars come in two flavours, Fruity Choo Chews {which are apple, apricot and date} and the Muesli Choo Chew{with berry and apple}. My kiddos liked the Muesli ones more than the Fruity ones. They are such a great size for a quick little ‘something’! I threw two of these in our swimming bag this week as we raced to Noah’s lesson straight after school. Perfect!

And then they have their Peach Number Cereal. This is one of those cereals that you are also happy to just munch on dry without milk! Yummy! But the kids have also been loving it as a change to their normal breakfast choices. The sodium level is often very high in cereals, you’ll be VERY surprised if sodium is something you often look at in your food choices. I buy a low salt cornflake for us to eat {which has 1/5th the salt content of the leading cornflake brands} and the Little Bellies cereal has even less than that.

And another thing I love about Little Bellies is that you can see all of their ingredients and nutritional info right on their website. Often I am grocery shopping online and can’t check the nutrition panels of new products!! This is a big plus for me when I am trying to research foods I am happy to buy for my kids. 

So I’m very impressed with Little Bellies and their offerings are certainly products I will buy again for my kids. My kids both react in different ways to colours and preservatives but I’m happy with their ingredient lists and nutrition panels and the fact that they do not contain additives and preservatives of course is also a huge plus for me!  

Little Bellies : Website | Facebook | Twitter

The very lovely people at Little Bellies are giving away a hamper of their products to one lucky a little delightful reader!! :o} Yay!

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