It’s officially the first day of spring!
Spring is my second favourite season {autumn being my first} 

I do love winter though, the snuggly movie nights on the couch, using the slow cooker, having hot chocolates, watching the rain. Winter is still a novelty to me and our long school holidays as kids corresponded with American summer, which of course is our winter here. We would go and visit my grandparents in Canberra and play outside and freeze and LOVE it. So many beautiful memories tied in with winter for me.

So for one last winter hurrah, I made the kids some hot vanilla with melting marshmallow snowmen. I got the idea for the hot vanilla from here {put I just put some vanilla powder in the bottom of a little mug and poured hot forthy milk on top and stirred – easy peasy!} 

But I am happy to be seeing spring –  the promise of growth and change. The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping and everything is a little more green and bright and happy. My kids love spring too, it’s exciting when you see things start to grow. We’ll probably do some grass seedling fun again and make some birdseed feeders and go and feed some ducks and learn about insects and butterflies and have a nature table in the house and all of that fun that comes with spring.

If you’ve been here a while you’ll know we love our seasonal fun lists. It’s like a ‘bucket list’ for the season – things you’d like to do before the summer kicks in, before it’s too hot and the days are too long. We’ll be watching some sunsets on the beach this spring before the sun starts to set way too late for the kiddos to enjoy.

We will be filling ours out over the next couple of days and hoping to tick off some fun during the next 3 months. You can download your own here, if you like :o}
So goodbye winter – I’ll miss you! Thanks for the snuggly nights and the best jogging weather and the slowcooker food and the sun going down early and the frost on the windows.

Here’s to spring, and change, and growth and warmer days and cool nights and fresh starts and spring cleaning :o}



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