This is another craft from our very awesome craft book {Usborne Little Children’s Book of Things to Do} that a lovely friend gave us. 
I loved the idea of using paper plates to make dinosaurs, you only need one plate per dino and it’s super easy :o} In the book they used white plates and painted them and then glued on a face but I found these coloured plates at the $2 a while ago so decided to go super not messy and just used foam stickers to decorate. Too easy!
Cut each plate in half.
On one half, draw a dino head, feet and a tail like in the photo below. Cut them out.
Tape them together. I used a little double sided and normal tape to help secure the bits and pieces. You could use glue, instead.
Decorate! Or paint or colour :o}
These foam sticker shapes were $2 from Kmart. We did glue some googly eyes onto ours because we LOVE googly eyes in this house. 
Afterwards the kids were very pleased with their efforts. It was a pretty simple activity that we completed after a FULL day out doing a million things {including going to sci tech!}. 
The kids really loved this one, so much so we’ve since made more since I took these photos :o} Noah had to name them all, so he named Chloe’s yellow dinosaur a “star-o-saurus” as she only wanted to use the star shaped foam stickers on hers.
This is his pride and joy – orange of course {still his favourite colour} and he always chooses the biggest googly eye he can find in the container. So this is a “big-eye-o-saurus” – of course!
And this is a dotty-spiky-o-saur. I think that is spelt wrong. But oh well. 
  I love them, they are too cute.
Very easy and great for all ages!

You can let the kids get real messy or keep it simple like we did :o}