I thought I would wrap up all the space themed crafts and activities we did over the past few weeks. We haven’t been doing any space stuff for at least a week, we were unwell all last week and just did some nice and easy things which I will share a little later.

We started off with some new books and a couple of apps to play with :o}
Books are always a hit in our house and I love adding to our home library.

We made a space mural on our window with black contact paper, glue and flour, stickers and hand drawn planets using pastels and black paper.

we also made some paper plate space ships
these have been played with until destroyed :o}

cute little aliens. We also made the ones above in the space ships :o}

rocket ship footprints
these are my favourite, and a nice keepsake from our space theme for the scrapbooks!

glow in the dark space jar
this was very very cool. And very very easy to do. Great school holiday after dinner surprise!!

a space sensory tub
full of all sorts of spacey things.

galaxy playdough
black playdough and glitter – is there anything cooler? yes, maybe the glow in the dark jars above!

we played with our jetpacks from Noah’s birthday
we have had these stored away and brought them out for the kids to play with again during space theme. love them running around the garden like little rocket ships – Chloe has learnt the sounds effects from her big bro.

and also enjoyed some Space themed printables from here and some space dot to dot

we learnt about a lunar eclipse using a flash light and our paper mache solar system {and took some photos while huddled in our cubby house as it had the best view} too bad it was so cloudy!

It’s been out of this world! Thanks for joining us on this space adventure! 

Time to get prehistoric on the blog next week with our dinosaur theme! Hope you dig it.
ha ha! {yah I know it was lame but I had to}