We decided it would be nice to keep with ‘tradition’ and make a space mural after making one for our ocean theme earlier in the year.
This year I used a strip of black contact paper and let the kids decorate it with some glue mixed with a little flour and lots of glitter.
Then we stuck it to the window :o} The flour mixed with glue makes it look like the milky way on the black contact paper – it’s not perfect {you can see some of it peeling off down the bottom righthand corner} but it worked pretty well! Before the glue + flour mix dried we sprinkled A LOT of glitter on to the mural.
Then the kids used little gold stars to decorate the galaxy.
And each night for a few nights Noah sat down to draw planets and rockets to add to the mural. Chloe just absolutely loved using pastels or black cardstock! It’s different and the colours really pop.
And here is a close up of some of Noah’s planets on our awesome contact paper galaxy mural :o}
This was really a great activity for an older kiddo {Noah is 5} but Chloe {2} enjoyed the whole process and being involved in the glue + flour painting, shaking the glitter, sticking gold stars on to the mural and drawing on black card stock with pastels!