We love crafting here! But sometimes we just need something quick and EASY!
Here are a few ideas we love.

1. Tissue boxes
Cutting the tops of tissue boxes = instant stuffed animal beds! Just add a little blanket {or wash cloth} and they’re snuggled up and ready for your kiddo to read a bed time story to them!

You can also make them into little houses for pet rocks. This takes a little more time than just snipping off the top but still easy – use egg cartons for beds, cars and chairs and bits of felt or fabric for blankets and a rug. Ta da!

2. Dyed pasta and rice
Dye some pasta and do some crafting. 

Making bracelets are a favourite here! We use a pipe cleaner so it’s a little easier to thread for sweet Chloe. 

Dyed rice is also super fun! Hide things in it or pop into empty bottles for home made shakers!

3. Playdough
Home made playdough – easy peasy and the kids love it. Add essential oil for an even lovelier sensory experience. 
No cook recipe
Cooked recipe

4. Home made play mat
Let the kiddos drive their cars all around their new town!

5. Blanket Tent

Have a picnic under a blanket tent!

6. Marbles and ice trays

Great for fine motor skills – using tongs or spoons to transfer marbles {or other small objects} to ice trays {or egg cartons, muffin pans – the possibilities are endless}

We are on day 2 of school holidays and have been having so much fun. I love this extra time with Noah home with us! Hope you’re having a lovely time, too.