Part 2 of the q+a series {you can find part 1 :: themes here} is all about blogging. I was so surprised to be getting questions about blogging as I still feel like a new blogger and sometimes don’t feel super comfortable giving advice on this subject!
I will try my best to answer some of your questions though! :o}
q: who did your blog design?
a: I did :o} I took a few classes as part of my degree at uni and remembered some of it, yay! It’s looking a bit tired now though – must be time for a change :o}
q: how do you start a blog? how do you know if you will be good at it?
a: starting a blog is easy! choose a platform {this is a blogger blog, but there is also wordpress and tumblr. I have used wordpress for university assignments and have found it great, but a little less user friendly than blogger. Tumblr I have never tried.} Just pick one and follow all the prompts to sign up and there you have it, a blog, just waiting for you to write about anything and everything!
You can then start customising the look with the built in features of each platform or search for free ready made templates.
Of course you would be good at it! Everyone has a unique story to tell or awesome things to share, all you have to do is work out how you want to tell it. Take your time and ease into it :o}
q: what are your top tips for anyone considering a blog? Words of wisdom for new bloggers?
Ooh I’m nervous giving out tips for blogging! I am still so new – but I think these things are really important:
1. be honest. write from the truth in your heart
2. be original. You will enjoy blogging so much more if you are yourself and not trying to be or replicate someone else or their blog.
3. be kind. I think this is a general and common sense rule that many of us follow in our daily lives. But sometimes it seems the online world doesn’t get given the same consideration. We are all still people, even if behind a computer screen. Be kind to one another and understand that having a blog is also a responsibility to be mindful of the message you are sending out.
4. always give credit. if you saw something somewhere that inspired you, you should say so. If you replicated something because you thought it was awesome, say so and give them some credit. Especially if it was somewhere else on the internet. Link to it. Readers will not think any less of you because you were inspired from elsewhere.
5. link properly. increasingly, pinterest has become a great source of inspiration for all of us. I think it is important though to link to the original post as often as possible, not just your pin or board on pinterest. So click through to the original source of that awesome photo that inspired your latest project, and give them proper credit.
6. fit blogging into your life, don’t make your life fit around blogging. I don’t blog everyday specifically because I can’t fit in 7 posts a week plus fit in being a wife and mama, study and normal household cleaning / cooking etc. Even if I do have enough content for a post a day. That is just my situation though, there are some bloggers that can successfully post everyday, and that is great! Just know your limits, and what is best for your situation. Don’t pressure yourself. :o}
7. network with your fellow bloggers. they might just become awesome real life friends, too.
I hope that doesn’t sound too preachy!
q: how do I start a media kit?
a: Naomi from Seven Cherubs helped me with my media kit and shortly after also wrote a very helpful blog post about it here. I think you’ll find all the info you need thanks to her wonderful advice. :o}
q: why don’t you post more everyday life stuff? 
a: you know I would love to post more everyday life stuff, but when I don’t have a lot of time for blogging during the uni semester and I filter through my photos and blog post ideas, it is usually the crafts and activities that get picked to become posts to share here.

q: how do you keep track of blogging related things?
a: I am struggling with this a little bit! I might have to look into something like The Organised Housewife’s blog planner :o} Maybe it will help you too?

q: how do you get sponsors / companies to approach you?
a: I am still very new to this stuff – really. I have been blogging for 2 years now and only 6 months ago did I decide to see if I could make a little money from my blog. To be honest with you, it is hard work. Don’t start a blog in the hopes that it will be an easy source of income. I really don’t feel like I can give any better advice than the awesome Tina Gray has here. Read this if you are thinking of heading in this direction {and also Naomi’s post about media kits linked above}.

more q+a coming!