We like to do things by themes here. Just like at school. I find it flows better and the kiddos get really into it. It gives them time to focus on the theme and soak it all in, and we can tie a range of things together. We have done a few already this year, we spent quite a while doing our Ocean theme, which we tied in with Australia Day and learning about our lucky country. We have also done Valentine’s and Easter themes as well as a little bit of Autumn, Lorax week and some Anzac Day activities too.
Right now though, it is all about space at our house!
Noah and I made these paper mache planets for his Birthday party and we hung them back up last week to decorate.
I rounded up some space themed books we already had
and added a few new ones to the bunch. {bought from book depository}
I have been displaying books using a magazine holder stand from Typo. {$9.95}. I am finding this perfect for our themed books as we normally don’t have more than this {well, except for Christmas and Easter books …. }
I also downloaded this NASA app {free!} to use during our space theme and this cute little story {also free!} called Oobie’s space adventure. 
And we will be watching an episode on space that I found on iTunes for $2.99. I really didn’t feel like buying a full DVD I’ve never seen for $30+ in case it wasn’t that good! $3 I can handle :o} We will probably also watch Wall E or some other space related movie on DVD that we already own together on movie night.
I have also downloaded some great astronaut printables from here for the kids to do. I laminated some so we can use them again and again.
So get ready for some space theme posts popping up over the next couple of weeks! We have lots of fun stuff planned.
Maybe you’d like to join us too?!