This is another cute little gift idea that is great for Mother’s Day. :o}
There is room on the bookmarks to add some cute drawings or thumbprint art or even glitter, stickers or little photos. You can do them up how ever you like and they make a great little thoughtful and personal and not to mention useful gift :o}
You can punch a hole up the top of them and add some pretty ribbon. You can laminate them (they’ll last longer) or not – it’s up to you :o}
I haven’t got any photos of them finished over here because we haven’t done them yet! This semester at uni has been so full on and I haven’t had time this week, but I thought many of you would be wanting to make these with your kiddos for grandmothers etc and would probably want to do that this weekend so here they are! 
Download from here
I am looking forward to doing some of these up on the weekend with my kiddos to send to their Nanna. {and of course keep one for me, too!} 

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