I want to share with you one of my most favourite apps when it comes to photos on my iPhone!
It is called photoshake
$1.99 – worth every penny!
There are quite a few other collage apps out there but out of the few that I’ve tried, this is the one I like best.
When you start it up it looks like this – and gives you all the options you have for playing with photos. You can do a single photo – and add a frame or a caption. Or you can do collages with the “Multi Photo”, “Grid Photo” and “Wide Photo” options.
For this tutorial I will be using the “Multi Photo” option. Once you’ve chosen your option, you get this screen. They’re very helpful and give you little pointers to help you out :o}
Down here on the left is where you can choose where to get your photos from {your iPhone’s photo album, or take a new photo, from Flickr etc} and on the right hand side is your frame style – shown below.
When you click on the frame style button shown above, you get this menu where you can choose your frame style. Use Square for collages you want to share on Instagram as they won’t have any bits cut out or Portrait and Landscape for collages you may wish to print out for photo albums or scrapbooking. 
For this tutorial, I chose Landscape. 
Next, you choose the source of your photos. I am taking them from my iPhone’s photo album, so I choose “Album”
The App brings me to my photo album, where one touch of a photo and it is added to the list. Pressing ‘Done’ takes you to this screen in Photoshake, showing you the photos you selected. I am using photos from our visit to a pet shop.
And then – you Shake :o}
Shake the phone and the app will place your photos into a collage. Sometimes it doesn’t use all your photos {it depends on how many you chose and what kind of collage / frame style can fit them}. If you don’t like the look, Shake again. Or, you can press the ‘Edit’ option to customise it to suit the look you’re after. 
So here for example I liked the layout of the first collage that was made for me, but I wanted a funky frame. I added it through the ‘Edit’ option.
Then you can press on the ‘Share’ option, which gives you a million and one ways to share the photo. Upload it to Facebook, twitter, Flickr, Blogger etc or E-mail it directly to friends and family. If you want the photo to be saved to your iPhone photo album press on the ‘Save Photo’ option and then when you next sync your photos with you’re computer you will have your collage.
Landscape collage. :o}
But …….
How do you print it? It is not a proper 6×4 collage – so it will get cut off when you print unless you alter it in photoshop before you bring the image for printing or, most photo printing kiosks will allow you to select a ‘No Cropping’ option. 
See below an example of a collage I used in my Project Life album recently – {I am pretty sure that because I had so many photos to use I chose the ‘Grid Photo’ option in Photoshake when I made this one} 
The one on bottom is the one I altered in Photoshop – I added a little text to the right hand side and made the image size 6×4 for printing. 
The photo on the top is one I did not alter at all with photoshop – I just chose the ‘No Cropping’ option when printing at Big W. 
When choosing photos to print at Big W there is an option to ‘Edit this Photo’ – click on that and it brings you to a menu of options for photo editing. Choose ‘Zoom and Crop’ and then choose ‘Do Not Crop’. 
I am loving the collages in my Project Life album especially for our weekend photos. We cram so much into our weekends usually and so it’s nice to have the option to include a lot of photos very easily if I want to. 
And I also have some neat news for you! If you choose the ‘Wide Photo’ option and choose ‘Horizontal’ and make a collage with that – it fits almost perfectly with the new Facebook Timeline Cover Photo size :o} Check out the one I made for a little delightful’s facebook page :o} 
Too easy?! Yep!!!
So because it’s so easy and takes about 4 minutes all up I plan to change it up quite often! 
Let me know if you find this helpful! 
Go forth and make collages :o}