I know it has taken forever to finish this theme up. We have been having a lot of fun with it and there is a lot to do. But we’ve also had to break it up a lot and put it aside for a week here and there for Australia Day, Back To School, Valentine’s day and of course Noah’s birthday too.
We did a few other ocean themed activities and crafts and I thought I’d just stick them all here to share with you.
We drew some cute ocean creatures onto paper and then laminated them. I drew some and Noah drew some. Currently he’s really into sharks, and loved drawing sharks with smaller fish in there tummys. Poor fish!
I was trying to work out how to display them, and decided we needed a big ocean on the wall for them to swim around in.
So we did some bubble wrap painting! This was fun and messy and a great activity to do while Chloe was napping. I also gave Noah a sponge to paint on some seaweed and he asked for some glitter too.
We hung it up on the wall when it was dry and then we used blue-tac to stick the ocean creatures to their pretty ocean.
We also made these handprint crabs found via here.
And we made a jellyfish in a bottle. This is quite cool! Awesome instructions and video here.
We also had fun with some ocean playdough. 
And had to make these very neato, very quick, easy and cheap Shark teeth masks! Just a paper plate. Such a great idea! Found here.
Other things we did for the ocean theme were watch Finding Nemo and a little bit of Blue Planet. 
We went to the Maritime museum and the aquarium too. So easy to find a lot of stuff to do for this theme.
To see more of our ocean theme, check out here.
Later today {hopefully!} I will have a printable schedule up for you. And over the next few weeks we will be doing Easter activities and I have been working on a lot of requested posts – our kitchen, laundry and storage ‘tours’, project life and the kids albums and lots more. Thank you for being so patient!!