Hmm, not the most creative of blog post titles but it is what it is. Fun with $2.95 Ikea cutlery stand.

I bought two of these for Noah’s space party table. I justified buying them as they were not expensive and I knew we could use them afterwards (for cutlery, haha!) 
But, we have been using them for a lot of fun instead of storing our cooking utensils in them! 
This idea was inspired by Pinterest where I’ve seen a photo of kids using a strainer and pipe cleaners for some great fine motor skill fun. This works in the same way, and Chloe had a lot of fun trying to get the pipe cleaners through the holes. This is almost a daily activity at the moment – along with buttons and an egg carton.
I thought Noah would enjoy building with the other one instead, so I gave him a bag full of nuts and bolts (from our old trampoline which we have recently dismantled) and he had so much fun as the bolts fit through the holes in the cutlery stand. 
He made a robot face
and a little dog
he was so very proud of his creations. This is a new favourite activity here – and his imagination runs wild. The other day he used the cutlery stand and combined the nuts and bolts with the pipe cleaners and some plastic straws. Just having fun. We haven’t been huge on crafts lately as I find that with full time school he is needing to chill after school with his lego or with tubs of water or sand or rice. Things that are engaging and keep his hands busy but that are open ended and allow him time to just relax and play. Which is all good. :o}