It is nearly that time of year – when our kiddos start or go back to school!
We are technically starting our 3rd year of schooling but it isn’t really getting any easier yet. Ok so I don’t cry like I did when I first left him at his 3 year old classroom, but I still get soppy and emotional and dread the start of the new school year.
Our first year of schooling saw Noah start at a 3-year old program for 1 day a week, which we increased in the 3rd term to 2 days a week. He loved it. Me? Not so much. I missed him.
Last year he was at kindy, and went 3 days a week. Yes, 3 whole days a week. Sob.
And now he will be in pre-primary and will be away and I’m honestly not looking forward to it.
But I am excited for him too, because so far he has really blossomed at school. My sweet boy used to wait until play equipement at the playground was empty before he’d have a play thanks to a traumatic incident that scared him away from playing with other kids at the park. He used to hide behind me all the time when we were out. And would not let anyone hold him except me or his Daddy. Now? He has truly come out of his shell. He is more confident and loves playing with other kids now. He enjoys learning about new things and always has a proud look on his face when he has a piece of work to bring home. He will always be a little shy, and I think also cautious. But that’s just him. He loves school, not so much the start of it – new teacher, new classroom etc, all of that freaks him out as I am sure it does most children, but after a while, he can’t wait to go. I am super proud of him. And I super miss him when he’s not around.
ANYWAY. Enough of that or I’ll cry.
The wonderful Jade of Super Organiser Mum and I have again made some wonderful printables for Back To School! As always, we had a ball making these together. Jade is full of the most beautiful and creative ideas and it is a pleasure working with her on printables like this. 
The first is a totally cute Back To School Countdown! :o} This is FREE to download here.
You can put it in a frame and blu-tac the numbers onto the glass as Jade did. LOVE the look of this.
Or you can laminate it all and again use blu-tac to stick the numbers on. I just stuck this on our DIY chalkboard frame.
It comes with the countdown page as seen above. As well as numbers and a small “First Day Of School” card.
The first day of school card can be used in place of the numbers on your countdown, 
or perhaps as a little photo prop :o} If your kiddo will participate that is …….
This Back To School Interview Pack is for sale in the a little delightful etsy shop. :o} 
It is a matching First Day of School Interview Pack. It contains two printable sheets to help record a little about your kiddos first day of school. 
The first page has room for all those important details, date, school, year and teacher. At the bottom there is room for 2 small photos of your child on their first day. 
The second page is a short and small interview with a space for your child to write their name. We all know that the first day of school can often be overwhelming so the questions are not difficult or lengthy – just sweet and short to gain a little snippet of how their day went and what they did. There is also a large space for perhaps a handprint or a drawing at the bottom. 
Jade and I will be using these to document the first day back at school for our boys. How much fun will it be to look back on these from year to year? To see the change in their handwritten name, and the change in the size of their handprint or the way they draw? LOVE!!! 
So are you ready for back to school? Thankfully we still have 2 weeks of holiday left. I am making the most of them. :o}
As always, these printables are free for personal and classroom use only. Please do not use for commercial purposes.
They are © 2012 – a little delightful.
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