Hello lovlies! I have had a fabulous break with my beautiful family. It was nice to let go of our schedule for a while, just chill out and relax and enjoy the season. We went to visit with some of my family and enjoyed being around loved ones at Christmas. I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years too, and you’re feeling refreshed and excited about the year ahead! :o}
I would like to start the year’s blog posts off with what to expect from a little delightful in 2012.
I am so excited about the future of a little delightful and since I shared with you some of our family goals and some of my personal goals I thought I would also share with you some of my goals for the blog.
I will normally post on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. I am juggling family life, studying at uni, blogging and a little bit of work but sometimes I might have a lot more to share with you so I may post more than 3 times a week occasionally.
I will still offer free printables throughout the year. These will include keepsake printables, craft printables, organisational printables etc.
I will be doing some product reviews now and then. I will only ever show you a product that I love, and I will provide you with my honest opinion at all times.
My blog has been heavy on the crafts and things I do with my kiddos and while I do not want to change that, I will share a little more about how I organise our home and how I try to keep our house running smoothly. I will also share how I organise photos, and how I back them up so I never lose our precious memories. I have had emails/comments asking me to share some tips on starting / going back to school and how I keep artwork from school. Lucky for you Jade and I already created a printable to help with organising kiddo artwork! :o}
Likewise I show you a lot of how I make memories for and with my kiddos but rarely show you how I record and keep these memories for us all to look back on in the years to come – so I will be sharing with you how I approach Project Life and how I memory keep for my children.
I hope to complete a few party printable packages this year {after the rush that is the beginning of the year} that will be available in my etsy store – as well as bring back reward charts and custom book covers soon. I will also be selling some other printables through the shop this year, including more personalised items and some school related keepsake printables. I will still occasionally take customised party printable orders, when time permits.
And I am also opening up sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in being a sponsor and advertising on a little delightful please send me an email {a.little.delightful.blog(at)gmail.com} and I will send you my sponsorship details once I have finalised them this week.
I wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful support over the last year – my blog grew by much more than I ever anticipated or expected. Your comments, emails and interaction on my facebook page really mean a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to let me know you’re reading, enjoying, and trying out some of the things I share. I also love it when you share your ideas and photos with me, too. So keep them coming!
I thought I’d share with you what you all thought were the best posts of 2011 – these are the top 5 based on all your page views :o}
and just for fun – the top 5 of 2010 :o}
Looking forward to a great 2012! 
Thank you so much for being here and for coming along for the ride :o}