We have been busy making all sorts of Halloween treats here. Way too many to devote a post each to seeing as Halloween is in 6 days so I thought I’d put them all here in one post :o} Hope you don’t mind the Halloweeny overload. 
We dipped oval shaped cookies {made from our basic cookie dough recipe} into white chocolate. We also drizzled white chocolate all over to make some of the cookies look like a Mummy. We used dark chocolate bits for the eyes. As these cookies are quite soft it was easy for me to push the ‘pointy’ bit of the chocolate chip into the cookie. You could also use store-bought cookies to make this even easier and quicker to do! I am thinking of doing some more with those lady finger biscuits :o}
We have made pretzel and chocolate spider webs. I saw this awesome idea via pinterest and new I had to try it out. We found the pretzel sticks in Woolworths and I just cut them in half and then we drizzled melted chocolate over the pretzels. These are delicate and break easily but they look too cool. 
I made a spider using a milk button {these are Coles brand, which are slightly smaller than the Nestle} and then piped some melted chocolate to make the legs and used a toothpick and white chocolate to make the eyes. 
Also via pinterest we made these hot dog + spaghetti things. We don’t normally buy hotdogs but this was too funny to not try and it was so easy. We made some ‘jellyfish’ looking ones like in the original picture but then also made spider-ish ones by using only 4 bits of pasta and popping them all the way through to the other side to make ‘legs’. You could use some sauce to make eyes :o} We had to cut the spaghetti shorter after it was cooked because the ‘tenticles’ and ‘legs’ were way too long.
We also made this ghost pops. These are seriously the easiest easiest thing ever. Melt white chocolate in a bowl in the microwave and then drop spoonfuls of chocolate onto a tray lined with baking paper. I didn’t use anything but a spoon but you could draw the shape on the back of the baking paper if you wanted really uniform shapes / sizes etc and you could also pipe your designs for more accuracy. We were just doing this quickly though so I didn’t bother. Then we placed a lollipop stick {or you could you use a pretzel stick for a 100% edible treat} into the melted chocolate. Add a little extra chocolate to cover up the stick if needed. 
Then we added a large chocolate chip for the mouth and 2 small chocolate chips for the eyes and let set in the fridge.  
We also made little witch hats using Coles Cocktail Cones {they are like mini ice cream cones, found near the ready made pavlova bases etc} and then put them onto a base of melted chocolate. We also spread chocolate all around a couple of them but it would have been easier to dip them I think!