Well, we have been living in our ‘new’ house for just over 2 years and the other weekend we finally finished our garden. I call it the laundry side of our house, and it had been left to look like a rubbish tip. Needless to say it was not pleasant to go out and hang clothes on the washing line – and therefore I used my indoor clothes horse a lot {oh, and the dryer}. 
There’s something about their Mum’s coming to visit that launch husbands into proactive-ness. Not that I’m complaining, because I am loving the end result and I’m proud of my hubby for executing the carefully thought and drawn garden plan that he scribbled onto paper a few months ago.
So here it is… the rubbish tip. Complete with the compost bin we bought ages and hadn’t started using yet, pots of plants that did not get the attention they need, weeds, extra pavers and lots of sand. Eeek, I am cringing and slightly embarrassed, but anyway!
Now this is the side all cleared and plants placed where they need to be planted. We like very low maintenance gardens and although the gravel was not my favourite idea when we first moved in here, we have A LOT of it now, it’s just no fuss and easy to maintain. 
Hubby and his little garden gnomes
Looking a billion % better already!
 And the end result, after my husband laid a tonne {literally} of gravel. The jasmine we planted is already blooming and smells beautiful, and it is actually pleasant to go and hang the washing out. 
We keep peeking out the windows on this side of the house, because it’s hard to believe that in 2 sundays, this was achieved and now all of a sudden, it’s a lovely little space. 
a little delightful